Forza Horizon 3: All Controls & Tips

Forza Horizon 3 is an open world racing game, so you choose where you want to go and what races you want to participate in. There is also an online multiplayer where you can meet other drivers and start your very own races with friends. Here are the Forza Horizon 3 Controls for the Xbox One and PC. Please not that this is an Xbox Play Anywhere title which allows you to play on your Windows 10 PC and your Xbox One with a single purchase of the game. You must purchase the digital copy of the game for this to work. Disc based copies do not have this ability. Play Anywhere games save your progress as well so you can take over from your Xbox on a PC somewhere else and continue where you left of. All you have to do is sign in with your Xbox Live account and your game will be there.

Forza Horizon 3
Forza Horizon 3 Controller Layout (Click to Enlarge)

Forza Horizon 3
Forza Horizon 3 Controls

Forza Horizon 3

Forza Horizon 3

Forza Horizon 3 Gameplay Tips

● Try not to just go for the highest class of vehicle as quickly as possible. These cars are harder to control and don’t work well on every road surface. Build up your skills and and a large selection of cars so you can have the best car for each occasion.
● When performing jumps, a stable car is better than just hitting a ramp at full speed. This is crucial for a good landing. Any extra speed you gain before the jump could be lost with a bad landing.
● Don’t turn your wheels in the air. Set up a jump straight and remain straight. Turning the wheels in the air will cause a bad landing, skid and/or a crash.
● Manual Transmission is better for good players. You will gain an advantage over other players with a Manual gearbox if used correctly. You will be able to choose how much power to send to the wheels and when. Automatic gearboxes keep the cars torque at a steady level and change gears depending on that and the speed. Sometimes you need more power at a lower gear. Because of this manual gearboxes help when drifting (getting you more points).
● Drafting works in Forza Horizon 3. Follow a car closely and the air resistance will decrease giving you extra speed. Then pull out and over take like a slingshot.
● Forza Horizon 3 has a day night cycle. Some challenges are better done at night because there is less traffic on the road. Others are better in the day when you can see much better.
● Don’t forget to customise your car. Tweak it until you have a car that handles the way you like to drive. Not everyone drives the same. Not even in computer games.
● Rear wheel drive cars tend to understeer and skid, but they turn better overall and carry more speed. 4×4’s have better traction and much better starts but turning is compromised at speed.

Dofus Touch Kamas Trading Tutorial

Trading plays a very important role in DOFUS. This is because, in order to get the items you want, you either need luck, kamas or goultines! And to get kamas, you need to fight monsters (or earn kamas after every fight), complete quests, unlock achievements, as well as sell items that you no longer need. There are several ways you can choose to sell your items.



In DOFUS Touch you can access the marketplace wherever you are and can buy anything you find there. By touching the kamas icon , open the most popular trade area in DOFUS Touch as simply as possible. You can always go there physically by moving on the icons surrounded by blue. The marketplace lets you place items for sale at a price of your choosing and made them visible to potential buyers. Select the items to sell, the quantity and the price, and then “Put up for sale”.

Once your item has been bought, the kamas will be transferred to your bank. Please note, at the Marketplace, you also have to pay a tax to put the item up for sale. The amount of this tax depends on your alignment and the Marketplace you’re using, so, to save kamas, compare the taxes and choose the cheapest one. In the Marketplace purchase interface (accessed by pressing the “Purchase” button), you can consult all the items for sale by other players.


Merchant mode can be accessed by clicking on your character or through the purse icon . “Organise my shop” lets you choose what you want to sell and for what price. Select the item, set the price and quantity, and then confirm by pressing the “Put up for sale” button. The “Switch to merchant mode” disconnects you from the game. You can tell which players are disconnected in merchant mode thanks to the backpack at their feet and the “merchant” label written after their username.

You can visit their shops, as well as buy the items that are for sale in them. The taxes are very low! There can only be a limited number of merchants on each map. Some maps can’t have any, others have less strict limitation rules. These are the Market Places, shown on the map with this icon  . The Astrub market place is located under the Zaap! You’ll need to take the stairs to the right of the map.


Use the “Trade” channel (/b) to let other adventurers know about your purchases and your sales. To do so, open the chat (at the bottom left of your screen on IOS and botton right on Android) and type “/b” in front of your message. You can also speak in this channel by touching the star to the left of the chat bar, then selecting “Trade”. You have to be level 6 to use this channel. Warning! Spamming this chat with repeated identical messages may result in sanctions. If a player is interested in your offer, you can complete the transaction straight away by launching a trade with him.


When used optimally, these purchase and sales tools can earn you more kamas with less effort and you can just sit back and focus on trading! Keep up to date with the going rate for your items on your server and keep an eye on the Marketplace, merchants and “trade” channel to pick up a good deal. Then sell them on for a profit, either right away or in the future, and enjoy your good fortune! is an international-leading Dofus Touch Kamas provider. you can Buy Dofus Touch Kamas from us and choose to play at any league as you want. We have Kamas for all platforms.

Tricks to Improve your Sales at FUT 17 Transfer Market

FIFA 17Wonder why your items don’t sell on FUT Transfer Market? Here we have some tricks for you to get rid of that ‘No buyers found for this item’ message in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team during TOTY.

Add Value to Your Item
Sometimes, you need to add some values to your card to make it special. For example, by applying a right chemistry style to your player, you can give your card a better chance to be sold. The number of contracts is also a big deal for the player cards. Depending on the player and its market price range, you might be able to sell your card more expensive by applying a contract card to it. Other consumables such as player boosts could be also sales effective and be adding value to your price. To some people, the fitness value is also an important fact. These things are technically important when people compare your card to the other ones.

The Right Price
Make sure the price you are setting for your item is right. If you set the price slightly lower than the market’s range, you probably get more buyers to bid on your item. Cards with lower price than their market’s usual price, will motivate people to buy them.

But, don’t forget to check your bought price for the item you’re selling. You don’t want to lose coins, do you? One of the mistakes people make when selling their items is to do not calculate EA tax beforehand. Keep in mind that EA will take 5% of all selling transactions happening at FUT transfer market. That means, your selling price should be at least 5% higher than your purchase price in case you don’t want to lose fifa 15 coins PS4 on a trade.

The Right Time
It is important at what time and on which weekday you’re listing your items on the market. Remember, FUT players are coming from around the globe. This is an important factor especially for the player cards and some other items such as managers and stadiums. Here is an example, a turkish player card whose club is playing in Turkish Superlig, will have more change to be bought by a turkish FIFA fan who is living in Turkey. So, if you put such a player card on the transfer market during the Turkey’s peak hours, you will definitely have more chance to get buyers.

Check out the time difference in Europe, UK, US and Asia to your location. Find out what time is good for your card if you’re targeting a specific geographic location. Also, weekdays are important. Apparently, Friday nights and weekends are the most busiest days at the transfer market. Wednesday nights are busy too.

FUT Transfer Market is too active at the time before and after the real football matchdays. That means, on weekends and on UEFA Champions League matchdays (Tuesdays and Wednesdays) FUT transfer market is experiencing heavy traffics made by sellers and buyers.

Keep it Alive
Your auction time on the transfer market is limited. What you need to do after your auction time is up, is to re-list your items. Make sure you’re re-listing your items back to back, because this will give your items more chance to be seen.

How to Became A Pro Player on NBA Live Mobile Game

If you want to choose the best team to win the games then you will have to go through the NBA Live Mobile tips and tricks provided in this write-up to help you in building a favorite team. While using these team building tips you will have to find out players with highest statistics in general so that the start of the game can be easier for you. You will have to include powerhouse players in your team to make a team just like actual NBA team.

NBA Live Mobile
Live confronting events:  One can easily win his first coin, XP and other benefits occasionally by participating in the live events to complete the number of rewards required by you to include in your team. Sometimes you can win these coins, rewards and XP again and again to use them to get more rewards at different difficulty level. During head-to-head events one can be winner if he succeeds to earn most points against his competitors.

Achievements of the players: Though there is a trend to overlook the achievements of the NBA Live players but still they can help in achieving bonuses and cash awards in routine. So while creating a team than your opponents then you should focus on the general and seasons achievements of the players.

Sets: You can combine some of the big moments like trophy cards, player cards and other similar cards to make sets of cards to give up to get a better card in return.

Auctions: Different player cards can also be collected within the game in certain other ways but it can be frustrating to rely on the rewards randomly looted. So while building a line-up of star players you should rely on auction houses like a best friend. It will allow you to use your coins to set the overall average of a player for a desired position by tapping on the search button. Your players will get a green number if they are better than the players currently playing in the games otherwise they may have red numbers.

Thus, by following the tricks and NBA Live Mobile tips provided in this write-up, you can easily build a favourite team. But you should be careful while using these team building tips as it is not easy to get real statistics of the players who are not active on the field at present.
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REWARD YOUR HARDWORK: When we say hard work pays, then everybody thinks it all about jobs and tasks; but imagine playing your best then receiving subsequent rewards for it. With NBA LIVE game, the better and more you play, the more the currency and rewards you accumulate. With these rewards and currency, you can acquire top league players and develop a winning team alongside the Ultimate EA Sports team model.

RUN YOUR TEAM: Assume manager position and evaluate, upgrade and manage your team with the NBA LIVE game. Develop your favorite franchise into a wonderful competitive team made of megastars both from the past and the current. Exploit the auction house, rip the packs and develop a model that becomes the team to beat.

STAY FRESH IN LIVE EVENTS: Become the greatest of all time and experience the ultimate ballers life with fresh daily challenges from NBA LIVE games’ Live Event mode. Acquire amazing rewards in real-time game matches and enhance your competitiveness from Head-to-Head season challenges both with opposing teams and friends; all these with the amazing features and modes of this top-tier basketball game. is an international-leading NBA Live Mobile Coins provider. you can buy NBA Live Coins form us and choose to play at any league as you want. We have NBA Live Coins for all platforms.

NHL 18: Best Rated Rookies

The team at sports network TSN got their hands on an advanced copy of NHL 18, and they’ve provided intel on the some of the game’s top rated rookies. This is how the best of the 2017 draft class stacks up in EA’s NHL 18:

Mikhail Sergachev – Montreal Canadiens – Overall Rating: 66 – Potential: Elite (Low) – Drafted 9th Overall

For a long time, Russia was a country that didn’t produce elite defensemen. However, Mikhail Sergachev is part of a new generation of Russian blueliners who are trying to change that. Montreal will be expecting a lot from this dominant two-way defender.

Olli Juolevi – Vancouver Canucks – Overall Rating: 66 – Potential: Elite (Low) – Drafted 5th Overall

Olli Joulevi was the first defenseman picked in the 2016 draft. He may not be as flashy as other blueliners in his draft class, but Joulevi plays a complete game, and because of this, he can be trusted at both ends of the ice. The 18-year-old Finn is a strong skater who uses his size to his advantage, and he is a gifted playmaker.

Pierre-Luc Dubois – Columbus Blue Jackets – Overall Rating: 69 – Potential: Elite (Low) – Drafted 3rd Overall

Columbus Blue Jackets GM Jarmo Kek?l?inen surprised everyone when he acquired Dubois with the third overall pick, over such names as Puljujarvi and Tkachuk. Well, the Blue Jackets believe in Dubois, and they should. The Quebec native is a power forward who plays an elite two-way game. He could be the next Anze Kopitar, and for the brass in Columbus, that sounds just fine.

Alexander Nylander – Buffalo Sabres – Overall Rating: 73 – Potential: Elite (Low) – Drafted 8th Overall

Alex’s older brother William Nylander showed the hockey world what he could do at the end of the 2015-2016 season when the Maple Leafs called him up. Now it’s Alex’s turn. The younger Nylander has great hockey sense and offensive awareness, and he is very creative with the puck. The two brothers will have plenty of opportunities to go head-to-head, as they play for teams in the same division.

Matthew Tkachuk – Calgary Flames – Overall Rating: 73 – Potential: Elite (Medium) – Drafted 6th Overall

The son of 90s legend Keith Tkachuk, Matthew Tkachuk plays a hard-nosed, physical game like his father. However, Tkachuk is also a gifted scorer who can play an up-tempo style and make sizzling, highlight reel plays. Pundits were surprised when he fell in the draft to the sixth spot, but the folks in Calgary are more than happy that he did.

Jesse Puljujarvi – Edmonton Oilers – Overall Rating: 76 – Potential: Elite (Medium) – Drafted 4th Overall

Jesse Puljujarvi is part of an upcoming generation of Finns who are out to prove that they belong to one of the greatest hockey nations on earth. The 2016 World Junior Championships were Puljujarvi’s coming out party, where he helped a stacked Finnish team take home gold. Puljujarvi was named the MVP of that tournament. Now he embarks upon his NHL career with an Oilers organization that is trying to build a team around generational talent Connor McDavid. There are rumors that Puljujarvi might be McDavid’s linemate this year. Lucky guy!

Patrik Laine – Winnipeg Jets – Overall Rating: 77 – Potential: Elite (Medium) – Drafted 2nd Overall

Another key cog on that gold medal winning Finnish Junior team, Patrik Laine made himself a household name during the 2016 World Championships. He co-led the tournament in goals and finished 4th in points—this was as an 18-year-old playing against elite NHLers. Laine’s Finnish squad failed to beat Canada in the gold medal game of the Worlds, but he put the hockey world on notice. Laine is a pure goal scorer who can put the puck in the net from anywhere. Comparisons have been made to Alex Ovechkin, and while he doesn’t possess Ovi’s physicality, Laine may prove to have the same mesmerizing scoring touch.

Auston Matthews – Toronto Maple Leafs – Overall Rating: 77 – Potential: Elite (Medium) – Drafted 1st Overall

The first overall pick in the 2016 draft is the franchise center the Maple Leafs have been dreaming about since Mats Sudin left. The Leafs have arguably the deepest pool of prospects in the NHL, and Auston Matthews is the best of them all. Arizona isn’t usually known for their hockey prospects, but this young man is going to give budding hockey players from the American Southwest something to aspire to. He is a prolific goal scorer, an agile skater, a masterful defender, and an imposing physical presence on the ice. He is the definition of a complete player, and for someone so young to have so many finely polished tools is a rare thing indeed. For a team like the Maple Leafs, which has known nothing but failure and futility for so long, a player with Matthews’ talents could be the straw that finally starts stirring the drink.

What do you guys think of the NHL 18 ratings for these promising rookies. Is there anybody rated too low? Who is overhyped? Let us know in the comments or over social media.

How Could Game Screen Quality be Improved in NHL 18

In our review of NHL 17, we pinpointed the game’s lack of variety from a visual standpoint as a detrimental factor. Back then, we stated that “the majority of content feels very ‘samey’ by this point. It’s just a bit too familiar, and most of the excitement wore off a long time ago.”

NHL 18

Let’s expand on this. On a game-by-game basis, NHL 17 rarely differs in terms of its presentation. Sure, you’re faced with different arenas, all offering their own unique aspects, and that’s a welcome thing. I’ve already discussed my appreciation for NHL 17’s customization features too, but they’re not the main focus here. Aside from those cosmetic elements, it’s hard to feel a differing sense of immersion from one location to the next.

There are multiple reasons for this. First, the atmosphere of each individual arena fails to inspire after a while. It’s easy to feel the contrast between home and away games, but those visiting trips lack individuality and a general sense of what it must be like to face a packed arena of rabid hometown fans. The biggest problem is that it doesn’t matter which venue you’re playing in, how crucial the game is, or even what game mode you decide to try — the presentation remains largely the same. There are a few minor differences to note, but nothing substantial.

You’re still faced with Doc and Eddie providing an in-game overlay before the opening faceoff, whether you’re in packed arenas or empty ones. You’re still treated to familiar cutscenes between plays, after goals and at the end of periods. If you’re a veteran of the series, three years of the same thing grows tiresome, and many of these scenes had already outstayed their welcome by the time NHL 17 rolled around.

It’d be great to see more updates to the game’s commentary as well, despite the addition of new lines in last year’s game. Again, greater variation is needed in this area as I’m getting used to hearing the same stuff over and over again. How many times do we have to sit through “let’s go down to the benches,” before it disappears for good?

Oh, and let’s just mention that Stanley Cup celebration, can we? I know, I know — it’s been discussed to death by this point, and I’m sure EA is well aware we’d like a new one. Honestly, the current version isn’t all that bad, but like many other presentation features, it’s grown stale by this point.

It has been suggested that the Frostbite engine will make its way to the NHL series before long, given its success in last year’s FIFA 17. I’d take a guess that it won’t happen this year though, given that Madden’s changeover, but not NHL’s, was announced in EA’s recent earnings conference call. Maybe that’s a good thing for now? It’s surely taxing to transition from one engine to another (I don’t know for sure — purely an educated guess), and as someone who personally felt the FIFA series took one step forward, two steps back last year, I have to wonder whether the move is a necessary one just yet.

Let’s not forget how graphically impressive NHL can look at times, particularly in terms of the little details that populate arenas. It’s inevitable that the NHL series will end up migrating before long (and the process has probably begun), but the Ignite engine continues to possess apparent longevity at this point. Yes, many would like a fully-featured story mode like FIFA 17 (and it’s a great selling point), but many would also like to see an intense focus on gameplay-specific issues before that happens. Would the Frostbite engine offer more potential going forward? Almost definitely, but only EA truly knows the best time to hit the switch.

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New Things Added into FIFA 18

What makes FIFA the most stable and most popular game in the EA sports field, it is realism, easy to pick up and its strong multiplayer mode is usually the reason why people like it. With the creation of a new game body on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 with the new EA engine, it will only get better. Each year,they come out in a different way, which makes it more realistic. It requires skills, fitness and strategies that are very much like the game itself. FIFA 18 will be the next generation of this series, fans have begun to express their expectations of the game, they want to meet it as soon as possible.No matter what EA Sports does, FIFA 18 will and should be get the  highest priority in sports world.


Let us take a look at the features that fans believe will make FIFA 18 bigger and better.

The developers of FIFA at EA Sports have made it clear over time that they are not ones to shy away from risks. They are always willing to try something different. Thus, fans hope that the developers would have some new interesting modes in the game. An example of creating a new team that would start in the non-league has been given by the fans. They believe that it would be interesting if the players are able to make a team and upgrade it, working to make it climb the ladder and attain the top position.

There is no denying that featuring huge football names in the story mode is an impressive idea. However, fans wish to see more. They think that things would get more interesting if some famous names throw in a word of encouragement or chastise them as required. It is exciting to think what EA could come up with in the future in this regard.

This is a problem encountered by every football game. The problem stems from the fact that players don’t want the game to be a complete simulation and neither do they want it to appear fake. Thus, some things about the ref will leave you annoyed. For instance, some fouls that do not look like fouls or wrong offsides are issues that you might face. Steps taken to improve this will be welcomed by the fans.

It seems that quite a bit of disparity exists between purchasing and selling players at the moment, which can get annoying and should be looked down to make the game more satisfying.

Developers of FIFA always ensure that they make changes for the better in the game. This is one of the reasons for the huge popularity of the series. Thus, FIFA 18 is likely to come up with some interesting new features. Fans cannot wait to see the treat that awaits them in the form of FIFA 18.

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Introduction of NBA 2K18

Basketball is a thrilling and quick game and healthy for your body and reflexes since one can take control over the movements, reflexes and aim to make every second of the game count. The sport has attracted fans from all over the world, almost all eyes are on the pitch every time a great game. But it’s not all about basketball, and like all the other sports, basketball has its own video game series – the NBA 2K video game series.

NBA 2K 18

Starting out with the first release of the series, NBA 2K came out somewhere between October and November of 1999, featuring Allen Iverson on the cover.The game was published by Sega and based on visual concept, and  necame one of the best games in that year.
The second game, NBA 2K1, had similar features since it was released by the same publisher and developer, showing a few changes that built the video game series’ prestige. After this, the NBA 2K2 remained the same and didn’t show many changes.

The first three games of the series, characterized by a fictional announcer,But once the series begins to release video games on Xbox and PS2,  It had to give up the game (pun intended). This gave rise to the NBA 2K3, released in October 2002. The one major change to be noted in this game and one of the biggest pivotal points for the series was that it featured real commentary by Bill Walton, Kevin Frazier, Bob Fitzgerald and Michele Tofaya.

This change gave the game a realistic feel and made playing it all the more fun for gamers and fans of basketball. In the game, gamers can not only hear the famous and recognizable audio, but also see the professional commentator explain what happen in the game.

This subheading may sound ambiguous since these were in no way the last years of Sega,But we are referring to recent years, Senegal work published in NBA. The installment in October 2003 was called ESPN NBA Basketball and For any reason, the series does not follow the common name pattern

Released in September 2004,  the ESPNNBA 2K5 was the last game for Sega published series. The game featured Ben Wallace, rather than the usual Allen Iverson.

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NHL 18: Top players in every position

For the skaters, goalies, player who are top or less excellent on NHL 18, this guide is the best choice for them if they want to know more about base card ratings.

After using a new form of ratings for players in the game in NHL 18, many players have a great love of it. Based on its conception, similar ratings has been designed to use in non-hockey ultimate team game modes. However, unlike other cards, the base card will be ranked in a different way, here is the detailed information about base card.

So, let’s get started, here are the top skaters on NHL 18.

Rated 89 NHL 18 skaters (rank 49-39)


Rated 90 NHL 18 skaters (rank 38-27)


Rated 91 NHL 18 skaters (rank 26-19)


Rated 92 NHL 18 skater (rank 18-14)


Rated 93 NHL 18 skaters (rank 13-9)


Rated 94 NHL 18 skaters (rank 8-2)


Rated 95 NHL 18 skater (rank 1)


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Players Can Enjoy Innovative Games in NBA Mobile Devices

It’s definite a good news for basketball fans that they can enjoy some exciting and challenging games on iOS and android devices. Gamers always spent long time waiting for the real event in the past, but now, they can experience authentic adventure without participating in the real event. They can play them anywhere, such as on the playground, airplane, in the park and so on. It’s absolute a unprecedented experience that one can play those mobile games while connecting to the real event. We can see its popularity from the download count. So it’s not easy for you to beat numerous opponents, here is all details for you about how to stand out among your competitors.


Dude Perfect – Dude perfect is not like a professional basketball game where you will compete with different teams and players. In the game, you are asked to throw the basketball balls at a basket but from a crazy distance. The game surely has the potential to offer lots of fun in very short time. In order to get an idea about the game, it would be ideal to imagine the Angry Birds clone in the form of basketball. Dude perfect is a special game for sure especially for the guys who don’t desire to compete for all the time and practice hard to improve their basketball skills.


Street Dunk 3 on 3 – This little mobile basketball game comes with many nice controls and awesome dunks of different varieties. There is nothing like the serious gameplay but still a perfect mobile game for casual basketball game lovers. The game is definitely all about dunks and you have nothing to worry in terms of the layup. Already the game is well appreciated worldwide and millions of mobile users have got the game. With nothing to pay, we can certainly rate the game at top of list of freemium games.