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Stellacept Online allows you to shape your characters build with more freedom than in most PC MMOs

Stellacept Online is a sci-fi mobile MMORPG similar to the PC MMO Phantasy Star Online 2. Stellacept is often referred to by its players as a mobile PSO2 – and while there are similarities between the two, Stellacept Online is still unique and does things to set itself apart from PSO2.

Stellacept Online Key Features:

Large Open World – Huge persistent world divided into many large zones full of monsters, players, and NPCs
High Quality 3D Graphics – Colorful and realistic visuals bring the NPCs and world to life
Unique Sci-fi Fantasy Theme – A mix of futuristic weaponry with medieval environments in a world filled with wonder and astrology
Many Weapons to Choose from – 9 different weapons with their own skill trees to mix and match for endless combinations
Flashy Combat – Combo-based action combat with a mix of point-and-click mechanics creates exciting battles
Engaging Story – Interesting story with lots of NPC dialogue, cutscenes, and ongoing quests with charismatic characters

Stellacept Online takes us to a distant future world, where humans have succeeded in inventing the technique of “bending” space. From here, humanity began to leave the Earth’s homeland to travel into the vast universe out there.

Dive into a unique sci-fi fantasy world filled with high tech weaponry and medieval scenery. Witness high quality, console quality 3D graphics in a large open world. Party with other players around the world or play solo as you embark on a fantastic journey to save the people of Sadalsuud from the evil Tarazed. Fight monsters with an intuitive combo-based combat system and unleash monumental power in Burst mode. Evolve your personal Stella companion by discovering new astrological stars and zodiacs. Join the ever-growing world of Stellacept Online today!

Stellacept Online doesn’t use a traditional class system. Instead, it utilizes a weapon system with an intricate statistic menu that allows you to shape your characters build with more freedom than in most PC MMOs.

The combat – whilst being point and click is still quite fast paced, employing combo skills to keep the combat engaging and entertaining.

The world within Stellacept Online is quite large and time consuming to explore even though zones are instanced from one another.

The gameplay style of Stellacept Online is a combination of the traditional features of the MMORPGs under Asobimo’s hands before. There, gamers will start by customizing the character to every detail, from the face, hair, physique to the date of birth and the attribute they represent. Done, you will begin to set your first steps in the huge world of Stellacept Online from a third-person perspective, immersing yourself in the rapid development of swords or bullets flying across the screen.. A rather special point of the game when it allows gamers to change main and secondary weapons continuously in real time, with a completely separate and specialized skill set..

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