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Dofus Touch Kamas Trading Tutorial

Trading plays a very important role in DOFUS. This is because, in order to get the items you want, you either need luck, kamas or goultines! And to get kamas, you need to fight monsters (or earn kamas after every fight), complete quests, unlock achievements, as well as sell items that you no longer need. There are several ways you can choose to sell your items.



In DOFUS Touch you can access the marketplace wherever you are and can buy anything you find there. By touching the kamas icon , open the most popular trade area in DOFUS Touch as simply as possible. You can always go there physically by moving on the icons surrounded by blue. The marketplace lets you place items for sale at a price of your choosing and made them visible to potential buyers. Select the items to sell, the quantity and the price, and then “Put up for sale”.

Once your item has been bought, the kamas will be transferred to your bank. Please note, at the Marketplace, you also have to pay a tax to put the item up for sale. The amount of this tax depends on your alignment and the Marketplace you’re using, so, to save kamas, compare the taxes and choose the cheapest one. In the Marketplace purchase interface (accessed by pressing the “Purchase” button), you can consult all the items for sale by other players.


Merchant mode can be accessed by clicking on your character or through the purse icon . “Organise my shop” lets you choose what you want to sell and for what price. Select the item, set the price and quantity, and then confirm by pressing the “Put up for sale” button. The “Switch to merchant mode” disconnects you from the game. You can tell which players are disconnected in merchant mode thanks to the backpack at their feet and the “merchant” label written after their username.

You can visit their shops, as well as buy the items that are for sale in them. The taxes are very low! There can only be a limited number of merchants on each map. Some maps can’t have any, others have less strict limitation rules. These are the Market Places, shown on the map with this icon  . The Astrub market place is located under the Zaap! You’ll need to take the stairs to the right of the map.


Use the “Trade” channel (/b) to let other adventurers know about your purchases and your sales. To do so, open the chat (at the bottom left of your screen on IOS and botton right on Android) and type “/b” in front of your message. You can also speak in this channel by touching the star to the left of the chat bar, then selecting “Trade”. You have to be level 6 to use this channel. Warning! Spamming this chat with repeated identical messages may result in sanctions. If a player is interested in your offer, you can complete the transaction straight away by launching a trade with him.


When used optimally, these purchase and sales tools can earn you more kamas with less effort and you can just sit back and focus on trading! Keep up to date with the going rate for your items on your server and keep an eye on the Marketplace, merchants and “trade” channel to pick up a good deal. Then sell them on for a profit, either right away or in the future, and enjoy your good fortune! is an international-leading Dofus Touch Kamas provider. you can Buy Dofus Touch Kamas from us and choose to play at any league as you want. We have Kamas for all platforms.