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Starbase, the latest production from Frozenbyte, has been available on Steam Early Access

On June 17, Starbase, the latest production from Frozenbyte, will be available on Steam Early Access. It is an ambitious sandbox set in the realities of science fiction. It is also the first MMO game by Finnish developers whose most famous work is the Trine series. Early Access will allow us to check how the creators dealt with a completely new type of production.

The developers comment on the price as follows: “We are assuming that Starbase will eventually be able to compete with AAA games. However, too many functions are currently missing in Early Access and there are too many bugs to get an AAA price We may occasionally adjust the pricing in Early Access if we feel that new features, more stability, playable content, and the overall gaming experience warrant a higher price. The same applies to the price of the final version. ”

After being announced in 2019, with the release scheduled for that same year, and after four postponements, the Finnish studio has therefore managed to present Starbase, albeit in an alpha version of the game. In this regard, however, Frozenbyte reassures the community by saying that about two or three updates are planned every month, which it has already been doing for some time, also sharing the roadmap that covers the entire duration of this 2021 and that you find at the end of this news.

And of course, the launch of Early Access does not mark the end of development. The Frozenbyte studio promises feature updates every two weeks until the start of the school year. The lunar bases (cities of players installed on the moons of the game universe) and the colossal capital ships will be available in August, then in September, the developer should deploy social tools that will facilitate interactions within player companies. , followed by the space station seating system (allowing a company at the head of a capital ship to besiege another company’s space station).

Starbase will take players to a world dominated by intelligent machines in which we will also play. In the course of the game, we will be able to join the factions operating in the universe or act on our own. A very important element of the gameplay is also the possibility of free destruction of elements of the world and the construction of various objects, machines or entire orbital stations.

Starbase is described as an MMO (massively multiplayer online game) that focuses on building and designing spaceships and space stations, exploration, resource acquisition, crafting, trading and combat. The planned sandpit mode, in which you can be alone or with selected friends in your own universe, is not yet available at the start of Early Access. is a unique marketplace where any gamer can buy Starbase Credits directly from another gamer. Transactions pass through our secure system. We won’t release payment to the seller until the buyer confirms full receipt of what he paid for. If you have any questions when buying  Starbase Credits, you can turn to our 24/7 Livechat for help.

Bless Unleashed PC has revealed, Founders Packs available

What kind of MMORPG is that? Bless Unleashed is a free-to-play MMORPG with an open world that focuses primarily on action-packed combat. You can actively target your enemies, perform various combos and avoid enemy attacks by dodging.

Before Bless Unleashed comes crashing onto 6 August, the team behind the latest adventure in the Bless universe has opened up for business, revealing the full lineup of Bless Unleashed PC Founders Packs. Available to purchase from the first day of launch, and listed on the game’s official Steam Store page, the aforementioned Founders Packs come in three tiers.

Bless Unleashed Founders Packs
Founders Packs for Bless Unleashed will come in three distinct flavours. While entirely optional, the willing fans can get their hands on Deluxe, Exalted and Ultimate Founders Packs.

Founders Packs details :
Card: Ironclad Rhino
Card: Emote (Salute)
500 Lumena
50,000 Star Seed
Premium Benefits (7 Days)

Deluxe – $19.99 (USD)

Founder’s Pack Exclusive Title (Pyreborn)
Card: Ironclad Rhino
Card: Emote (Salute)
500 Lumena
50,000 Star Seed
Premium Benefits (7 Days)

Exalted – $39.99 (USD)

Founder’s Pack Exclusive Title (Pyreborn)
Card: Elven Hat / Card: Elven Outfit
Card: Ironclad Rhino
Card: Emote (Salute)
2,300 Lumena
100,000 Star Seed
Premium Benefits (30 Days).
Telepost Discount Ticket (30 Days)
Basic Star Seed 20% Booster (30 Days)
Bag Expansion Ticket ×5

Finally, the big boy Ultimate edition is $79.99 and contains:
Premium Bless Pass
Founder’s Pack Exclusive Title (Pyreborn)
Card: Elven Hat / Card: Elven Outfit
Elven Weapon Appearance Chest
Card: Ironclad Rhino
Card: Ivory Unicorn
Card: Emote (Salute)
Card: Emote (Love)
6,000 Lumena
300,000 Star Seed
Premium Benefits (90 Days)
Telepost Discount Ticket (30 Days)
Basic Star Seed 20% Booster (30 Days)
Advanced Star Seed 40% Booster (30 Days)
Gold Boost Ticket (30 Days)
Bag Expansion Ticket ×10
Personal Storage Expansion Ticket ×5
Account Storage Expansion Ticket ×5

Notably, the Founders Packs listed above do not gate entry to Bless Unleashed or give paying players an early start. As a free to play experience, this massively multiplayer title returns to the Bless universe, finding its inhabitants still recovering after humans have wrought devastation across the land. This new action-orientated MMORPG has promised PC players a new tale, stretching out across a dynamic and sprawling world full of adventure and challenges. If nothing else, Bless Unleashed is undoubtedly pretty.

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NBA 2K22 will be the first game in the franchise to simultaneously release on current gen and next gen platforms

Also this year a new offshoot of the basketball series NBA 2K will appear. Now the Twitter user @ 2KIntel has published a picture that probably shows a possible cover of NBA 2K22 and probably also reveals the release date of the game on September 10th. It seems that a flyer or a preprint of an advertisement for NBA 2K22 served as a template.

NBA 2K22 will undoubtedly bring the heat on next gen
NBA 2K22 will be the first game in the franchise to simultaneously release on current gen and next gen platforms, but they did already dive into next gen last year.

When the next gen edition of NBA 2K21 was released, it brought a flurry of upgrades including MyNBA, The City, and all-new MyPLAYER builder system, and even new badges and takeovers.
NBA 2K22
PS4 and Xbox One players are still the majority
As exciting as all of these potential next gen improvements have been and will continue to be, they take the risk of neglecting a major chunk of the NBA 2K22 player base.

NBA 2K21 was initially released on September 4, 2020 for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Stadia.

Since the introduction of the Xbox Series X|S and PS5, they’ve struggled to take a significant chunk out of the console market due to a combination of economic and production issues that were all exacerbated by the global pandemic. NBA 2K22 next gen new features current gen PS4 Xbox One PC PS5 Xbox Series X|S

Basketball fans with an Xbox One and PlayStation 4 at home will therefore also be able to enjoy NBA 2K22. Thus, like its predecessor, the game is a cross-generation title. But that 2K can get a lot out of the next-gen consoles has been impressively demonstrated with NBA 2K21.

NBA 2K22 Pre Order
NBA 2K22 is not yet available to pre order, and it will probably be at least a few months before that changes.

NBA 2K21 pre orders went live on July 2, only after the cover athletes had been revealed for the game.

With a likely initial announcement at E3 and more to come later that month, we can likely expect NBA 2K22 to become available for pre order in early July.
NBA 2K22
E3 is a three day event that will take place from Saturday, June 12, to Tuesday, June 15. Fans could get some more information about the return to PS5 at the same time pre orders are made available.

We should know more soon about NBA 2K22 once the trailer is revealed and details start to filter out, but it will be very telling whether they’ve chosen to simply forget current gen gamers and leave them behind.

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Aion Classic launches for global audiences

It’s been a short trip from “this is a thing that’s going to happen” to “this thing is happening right now”, but here we are. Today, Aion Classic launches for global audiences. This is an opportunity for those (like me) who enjoyed Aion back in the day but aren’t so fond of the current version, as well as those who missed out the first time around to get in and try things out. That, and there are likely to be some folks who weren’t around for the first time because, as was pointed out to me by Lead Producer Mike Treffler during a brief overview of Classic last week, XP was the most up to date version of Windows at the time of launch.

Because after a brief delay, the new version of the old game just officially launched in the Americas (and for Europeans savvy enough to switch their location settings), and the day-one challenges are already live. You might not be the first person to zip to level 50, but that’s OK – there’s still plenty of time to have fun. If you can wiggle your way through the queues, that is.

No pay-to-progress items and old memories attract players
What kind of servers are these? The Aion Classic servers should be with us in terms of playful content on the status from patch to release. So you can look forward to the following content:

PvE content up to level 50
Rift and Fortress battles in PvP
4 basic classes, from which further specializations result in the course of the level

Aion Classic will have a subscription-based model for players as well as a free to play option. By purchasing Siel’s Aura with real money, players will be able to buy recurring subscriptions of 30 or 90 days. Also available to players is a 3-day pass, for those who wish for a more casual approach. The free option for players is available to everyone, but those players will gain experience slower than subscribers.

If you’re familiar with classic MMO servers — and who isn’t at this point — you’re likely to expect one to be subscription based. And, you wouldn’t be disappointed here either. Aion Classic DOES have a sub, known as Siel’s Aura. The thing is, it’s not required to play. If you’re okay with several restrictions, you can play the game without ever paying for a sub. As mentioned before, the free version limits player XP gain by 50% once the player passes an hour of playtime each day. As you can see in the FAQ (scroll down), it also limits things like item, Kinah, and Abyss Point acquisition as well as gathering. The ability to trade or set up private shops will only be available during the first hour of playtime as well.

What about European servers? Aion Classic is currently only available in America, but there is no region lock, so you can play there too. The current version of Aion in Europe is operated by Gameforge. We have not yet received an answer to our request from the publisher as to whether Classic servers will also come to us.

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World of Warcraft has finally revealed that Chromie the NPC is transgender

An excerpt from the upcoming lore anthology, Folk and Fairy Tales of Azeroth for Blizzard’s World of Warcraft has finally revealed that Chromie the NPC is transgender, and uses she/her pronouns. Slated for release later this month on May 25, the book titled World of Warcraft: Folk and Fairy Tales of Azeroth features short stories which expand on the lore within the world of the massively multiplayer online roleplaying game.

While many fans have long speculated that Chromie was trans or gender fluid, it’s good to see Blizzard make it official and develop the character’s backstory after all these years.

While The Visage seems surprisingly direct, fans still decided to follow up on the revelation. It’s not uncommon for LGBT characters to be hinted at or revealed in spin-off properties only to never have it acknowledged in the main product, leaving it outside of canon. The story’s author, World of Warcraft narrative lead Steve Danuser, repeats what the story says. “Prior to the Visage Day ceremony, Chronormu is he/him. Afterward, she/her in both mortal and dragon forms.” Danuser states clearly that this was deliberate.

Chromie, the time-manipulating bronze dragon, appeared in the basic World of Warcraft as a mission-giving NPC, and he later made available in the MMORPG content that the story says time-traveling. He is also featured in the preview announcing the WoW Classic, and is a playable character in Heroes of the Storm.

As reported by PCGamesN, fans that have received early copies of Blizzard’s upcoming Folk and Fairy Tales of Azeroth lore book have found that Chromie’s preferred pronouns are officially revealed in the story titled “Visage Day”. In the story, Chromie chooses to take the form of a female gnome during her Visage Day ceremony, a coming-of-age ceremony where bronze dragons choose their mortal form. After choosing her mortal guise, Chromie is asked why she specifically chose to be a female, to which she answers “It suits me.”

Chromie isn’t the first trans character in the WoW universe, but she’s certainly the most prominent. She first appeared in Vanilla WoW as an NPC delivering missions inside a deserted inn within the Western Plaguelands. Since then, she has been regularly involved in any WoW storyline that involves time travel, and recently got more in the game as the NPC allowing players to access older expansions on the leveling renewal that happened before the release of the latest expansion of the game, Shadowlands. . She can also be seen in the trailer for the WoW Classic ad, where she boldly states “someone once said you can’t go home, but they lacked vision, and a temporary discombobulator.” Chromie is also playable in Blizzard’s mostly abandoned MOBA, Heroes of the Storm.

Chromie’s trans experience is handwaved as magic and dragon culture, captured in a book outside of World of Warcraft itself. There’s truth in the fact that Blizzard skipped the reality of being trans, but that doesn’t mean Chromie being trans isn’t without value. Hopefully, like the past 10 years, efforts toward proper LGBT representation continue to improve in the future.

World of Warcraft is currently on the Shadowlands add-on, and WoW Classic will soon receive The Burning Crusade.

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Tencent Holdings Ltd is the best of China energy-guzzling cloud services providers

Tencent Holdings Ltd is the best of China’s energy-guzzling cloud services providers when it comes to tackling carbon emissions and procuring from renewable sources, Greenpeace said in a research report.

Tencent took the top spot among cloud providers in Greenpeace East Asia’s latest clean energy scorecard for China’s tech sector, beating out Alibaba, which fell to fourth place. Chindata Group once again scored first in the data center operator category.
Shenzhen-based Tencent, which runs the world’s largest video games business by revenue and China’s biggest social media operation with WeChat, ranked first on the clean energy scorecard among cloud providers because of its “overall progress”, according to Greenpeace. That included the firm’s positive record on transparency, increase in renewable energy procurement and recent pledge to work towards carbon neutrality.

Greenpeace urged all Chinese internet companies to set targets for 100% renewable energy use and achieving carbon neutrality by 2030. The non-governmental organization added that carbon offsets are not a substitute for the reduction of fossil fuel emissions, and that companies must scale up their procurement of wind and solar energy.

The gaming and social media giant also said in January it would work towards carbon neutrality although it did not give a target date.

Huawei Technologies ranked second and Baidu Inc third. Alibaba fell from first place last year to fourth with Greenpeace saying it had performed poorly in disclosing energy data and switching to renewable energy sources.

Alibaba did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

China’s data center industry is a significant and growing source of CO2 emissions. Energy consumption from the sector is on track to increase by 66% between 2019 and 2023, at which point electricity consumption from the industry is projected to rival that of Australia. In 2018, data centers in China were powered 73% by coal.

GDS, which hosts both Tencent and Alibaba operations, fell from second to sixth in the latest clean energy use rankings. Over the past 14 months, GDS has made no progress in the categories of energy transparency and renewable energy commitments, according to Greenpeace. By contrast, AtHub and 21 Vianet have both released energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission data.

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Diablo Immortal, when launched on the Google Play Store and App Store, will debut in free-to-play mode

The Diablo series is one of the most celebrated role-playing games ever created. Even today, the games are still revered by millions of players. However, all good things must come to an end. For years, there had been no news about a new Diablo game after Diablo 3. Then, the fans of the series started to doubt that any news of a sequel would even arrive.

What’s even more surprising is that the world’s premier dungeon crawler will be designed as a mobile MMO.

Make no mistake, it’s still going to be an action role-playing game (ARPG). However, it will also be designed to incorporate MMO elements. This includes public events, dedicated multiplayer dungeons, as well as voice chat, among many others.

There is still no official information on the minimum system requirements required in the final version of the game, but at least during the alpha, we felt that the game was a little heavier than ideal. Basically you wouldn’t be able to play with a cell phone from two years ago, for example. The idea, according to the developers, is to facilitate access in the final version by changing various internal graphics settings, so we will see if that will be enough to democratize access to the game a little more.

Diablo Immortal, when launched on the Google Play Store and App Store, will debut in free-to-play mode. It will therefore not be necessary to shell out even one euro but, as for every fpt on the market, it will present the formula of in-app purchases. Cheng then immediately clarified:

Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal will be free-to-play with optional in-app purchases. We plan to support Diablo Immortal with regular free content, including new gear, features, classes, stories and areas to explore. Additionally, we want to make sure that every purchase is fair and guided by a set of values ​​that emphasize each player’s gaming experience.

What Is Diablo Immortal?
Diablo Immortal is a free-to-play mobile with touchscreen controls take on the classic Diablo gameplay.

In the game, players will take on the role of an adventurer and choose from any one of the six confirmed playable classes.

The events of the game are set five years after the end of Diablo II but before the start of Diablo III. It will feature recurring Diablo characters such as Deckard Cain and will start players off in the town of Wortham.

Diablo Immortal Release,When Will It Be?
Diablo Immortal was supposed to be released in 2020. However, the game’s incredibly negative reception on Blizzcon 2018 ensured that this release window wasn’t happening. There were some gameplay reveals on Blizzcon 2019, but other than that, there’s no news about the game.

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Tips & Tricks for Playing Astral Guardians: Cyber Fantasy

Astral Guardians: Cyber ​​Fantasy is the most exciting! RPG-themed games with super cool anime characters are often the target of gamers around the world. The reason is, games like this will present an interesting story and will never be boring. Not only that, the graphic design that is presented is so cool, that it makes anyone who plays it seem to have entered the RPG world that you are playing.

In the world of Astral Guardians there are many scenes with extraordinary views combined with super cool effects.No doubt, this MMORPG game will give you a very touching gaming experience.Adventure to Conquer Enemies in a Beautiful and Amazing World of Astral Guardians Cyber ​​Fantasy play.As previously mentioned, this game is the latest RPG game that offers freshness.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Astral Guardians: Cyber Fantasy

• Keep Leveling Up
This game will pit you against all manner of enemies including beast races, dark forces, and fellow players. One way to stay on top of your game is to dedicate most of your play earnings to upgrading your character as you go.

• Fight Often
Fights are a regular part of the missions and challenges you will be tackling in this game. Every fight you are on comes with a nice boost in EXP. Therefore, the more you engage in battle, the stronger your character becomes, making it easy to defeat the likes of the Dark Devil, Arachne, and other big bosses.

• Collect Coins & Diamonds
Occasionally, you will face off with a boss in Astral Guardians: Cyber Fantasy. If you win the boss fight, there will be a ton of coins and diamonds after your opponent goes down. Make sure to run over every last one of the coins/diamonds to collect them.

• Always Step into the Blue Light
As you are running around the game, you will come across a vortex-like blue glowing light here and there. Always jump into the light for a shot at new adventures, amazing upgrades, and even new skills.

Here, you will complete a series of missions and challenges as the most talented warrior in the kingdom. During this adventure journey, you will meet various beast races. Make a contract with a spirit, get a powerful weapon, match different skills to increase your strength, fight with the strong dark forces and become the strongest in the continent. Save the devastated country and write your fantasy adventure story.

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World of Warcraft has eliminating all-but the 60-day option

The latest changes to World of Warcraft come in terms of Game Time purchases, eliminating all-but the 60-day option. World of Warcraft, which birthed the MMO era, still has an incredibly strong player base and consistent updates to the game. First revealed at BlizzCon 2021, the Shadowlands’ Chains of Domination update for World of Warcraft was released last month. With it came a continuation of the Shadowlands’ narrative, and plenty of new raids and dungeons for players to experience. The release of new content is always telling of a game’s current status, and it seems as though WoW isn’t falling victim to time, but rather maintaining its presence among fans. Despite its success, Blizzard has made serious changes to purchasing options that limit how players interact with the well-known title.

While Blizzard hasn’t directly stated this, some believe that this move is an effort to put a dent in key market sales. This would also push more people into subscribing to WoW instead, as subscriptions cost £9.99 per month, with the monthly cost going down if you pay upfront for longer periods of subscription time – a six month subscription for instance costs £8.69 per month, billed as a payment of £52 every 180 days.

On the contrary, the WoWHead website believes that the solution may have emerged as a way minimize the use of bots that typically use WoW tokens as a way of acquiring playing time. According to the vehicle, this is a constant problem both on the main servers and in the classic experience. How Tokens purchased from an MMO can only be used to purchase individual time packages – and no recurring subscriptions -, increasing the minimum time affects the pockets of those who use the illegal tool.

“We appreciate that players choose to spend their time with World of Warcraft, and we are committed to ensuring the game continues to provide players with great entertainment value,” Blizzard said.

For WoW subscriptions, nothing is changing. You can still pay $15/month for one month, or $14 per month if you lock in for three months. The rate goes down to $13 per month if you subscribe for six months.

Game Time options differ from subscriptions because it is a one-time purchase of allotted time for players to play the game. With only the 60-day option left, players will be forced to pay the heftier 60-day price or turn to cheaper alternatives such as the semi-annual option that saves players $24 per year (but still requires a significantly higher investment). World of Warcraft is an expensive game to play, and players are already questioning Blizzard’s decision. Memes and backlash fill the forum page where the announcement was made, and one user makes note of Blizzards’ use of “currently” in its post, which might entail a future change to the subscription and token purchase models.

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