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Aion Classic launches for global audiences

It’s been a short trip from “this is a thing that’s going to happen” to “this thing is happening right now”, but here we are. Today, Aion Classic launches for global audiences. This is an opportunity for those (like me) who enjoyed Aion back in the day but aren’t so fond of the current version, as well as those who missed out the first time around to get in and try things out. That, and there are likely to be some folks who weren’t around for the first time because, as was pointed out to me by Lead Producer Mike Treffler during a brief overview of Classic last week, XP was the most up to date version of Windows at the time of launch.

Because after a brief delay, the new version of the old game just officially launched in the Americas (and for Europeans savvy enough to switch their location settings), and the day-one challenges are already live. You might not be the first person to zip to level 50, but that’s OK – there’s still plenty of time to have fun. If you can wiggle your way through the queues, that is.

No pay-to-progress items and old memories attract players
What kind of servers are these? The Aion Classic servers should be with us in terms of playful content on the status from patch to release. So you can look forward to the following content:

PvE content up to level 50
Rift and Fortress battles in PvP
4 basic classes, from which further specializations result in the course of the level

Aion Classic will have a subscription-based model for players as well as a free to play option. By purchasing Siel’s Aura with real money, players will be able to buy recurring subscriptions of 30 or 90 days. Also available to players is a 3-day pass, for those who wish for a more casual approach. The free option for players is available to everyone, but those players will gain experience slower than subscribers.

If you’re familiar with classic MMO servers — and who isn’t at this point — you’re likely to expect one to be subscription based. And, you wouldn’t be disappointed here either. Aion Classic DOES have a sub, known as Siel’s Aura. The thing is, it’s not required to play. If you’re okay with several restrictions, you can play the game without ever paying for a sub. As mentioned before, the free version limits player XP gain by 50% once the player passes an hour of playtime each day. As you can see in the FAQ (scroll down), it also limits things like item, Kinah, and Abyss Point acquisition as well as gathering. The ability to trade or set up private shops will only be available during the first hour of playtime as well.

What about European servers? Aion Classic is currently only available in America, but there is no region lock, so you can play there too. The current version of Aion in Europe is operated by Gameforge. We have not yet received an answer to our request from the publisher as to whether Classic servers will also come to us.

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