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How to Became A Pro Player on NBA Live Mobile Game

If you want to choose the best team to win the games then you will have to go through the NBA Live Mobile tips and tricks provided in this write-up to help you in building a favorite team. While using these team building tips you will have to find out players with highest statistics in general so that the start of the game can be easier for you. You will have to include powerhouse players in your team to make a team just like actual NBA team.

NBA Live Mobile
Live confronting events:  One can easily win his first coin, XP and other benefits occasionally by participating in the live events to complete the number of rewards required by you to include in your team. Sometimes you can win these coins, rewards and XP again and again to use them to get more rewards at different difficulty level. During head-to-head events one can be winner if he succeeds to earn most points against his competitors.

Achievements of the players: Though there is a trend to overlook the achievements of the NBA Live players but still they can help in achieving bonuses and cash awards in routine. So while creating a team than your opponents then you should focus on the general and seasons achievements of the players.

Sets: You can combine some of the big moments like trophy cards, player cards and other similar cards to make sets of cards to give up to get a better card in return.

Auctions: Different player cards can also be collected within the game in certain other ways but it can be frustrating to rely on the rewards randomly looted. So while building a line-up of star players you should rely on auction houses like a best friend. It will allow you to use your coins to set the overall average of a player for a desired position by tapping on the search button. Your players will get a green number if they are better than the players currently playing in the games otherwise they may have red numbers.

Thus, by following the tricks and NBA Live Mobile tips provided in this write-up, you can easily build a favourite team. But you should be careful while using these team building tips as it is not easy to get real statistics of the players who are not active on the field at present.
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Players Can Enjoy Innovative Games in NBA Mobile Devices

It’s definite a good news for basketball fans that they can enjoy some exciting and challenging games on iOS and android devices. Gamers always spent long time waiting for the real event in the past, but now, they can experience authentic adventure without participating in the real event. They can play them anywhere, such as on the playground, airplane, in the park and so on. It’s absolute a unprecedented experience that one can play those mobile games while connecting to the real event. We can see its popularity from the download count. So it’s not easy for you to beat numerous opponents, here is all details for you about how to stand out among your competitors.


Dude Perfect – Dude perfect is not like a professional basketball game where you will compete with different teams and players. In the game, you are asked to throw the basketball balls at a basket but from a crazy distance. The game surely has the potential to offer lots of fun in very short time. In order to get an idea about the game, it would be ideal to imagine the Angry Birds clone in the form of basketball. Dude perfect is a special game for sure especially for the guys who don’t desire to compete for all the time and practice hard to improve their basketball skills.


Street Dunk 3 on 3 – This little mobile basketball game comes with many nice controls and awesome dunks of different varieties. There is nothing like the serious gameplay but still a perfect mobile game for casual basketball game lovers. The game is definitely all about dunks and you have nothing to worry in terms of the layup. Already the game is well appreciated worldwide and millions of mobile users have got the game. With nothing to pay, we can certainly rate the game at top of list of freemium games.