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Starbase, the latest production from Frozenbyte, has been available on Steam Early Access

On June 17, Starbase, the latest production from Frozenbyte, will be available on Steam Early Access. It is an ambitious sandbox set in the realities of science fiction. It is also the first MMO game by Finnish developers whose most famous work is the Trine series. Early Access will allow us to check how the creators dealt with a completely new type of production.

The developers comment on the price as follows: “We are assuming that Starbase will eventually be able to compete with AAA games. However, too many functions are currently missing in Early Access and there are too many bugs to get an AAA price We may occasionally adjust the pricing in Early Access if we feel that new features, more stability, playable content, and the overall gaming experience warrant a higher price. The same applies to the price of the final version. ”

After being announced in 2019, with the release scheduled for that same year, and after four postponements, the Finnish studio has therefore managed to present Starbase, albeit in an alpha version of the game. In this regard, however, Frozenbyte reassures the community by saying that about two or three updates are planned every month, which it has already been doing for some time, also sharing the roadmap that covers the entire duration of this 2021 and that you find at the end of this news.

And of course, the launch of Early Access does not mark the end of development. The Frozenbyte studio promises feature updates every two weeks until the start of the school year. The lunar bases (cities of players installed on the moons of the game universe) and the colossal capital ships will be available in August, then in September, the developer should deploy social tools that will facilitate interactions within player companies. , followed by the space station seating system (allowing a company at the head of a capital ship to besiege another company’s space station).

Starbase will take players to a world dominated by intelligent machines in which we will also play. In the course of the game, we will be able to join the factions operating in the universe or act on our own. A very important element of the gameplay is also the possibility of free destruction of elements of the world and the construction of various objects, machines or entire orbital stations.

Starbase is described as an MMO (massively multiplayer online game) that focuses on building and designing spaceships and space stations, exploration, resource acquisition, crafting, trading and combat. The planned sandpit mode, in which you can be alone or with selected friends in your own universe, is not yet available at the start of Early Access.

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