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World of Warcraft has finally revealed that Chromie the NPC is transgender

An excerpt from the upcoming lore anthology, Folk and Fairy Tales of Azeroth for Blizzard’s World of Warcraft has finally revealed that Chromie the NPC is transgender, and uses she/her pronouns. Slated for release later this month on May 25, the book titled World of Warcraft: Folk and Fairy Tales of Azeroth features short stories which expand on the lore within the world of the massively multiplayer online roleplaying game.

While many fans have long speculated that Chromie was trans or gender fluid, it’s good to see Blizzard make it official and develop the character’s backstory after all these years.

While The Visage seems surprisingly direct, fans still decided to follow up on the revelation. It’s not uncommon for LGBT characters to be hinted at or revealed in spin-off properties only to never have it acknowledged in the main product, leaving it outside of canon. The story’s author, World of Warcraft narrative lead Steve Danuser, repeats what the story says. “Prior to the Visage Day ceremony, Chronormu is he/him. Afterward, she/her in both mortal and dragon forms.” Danuser states clearly that this was deliberate.

Chromie, the time-manipulating bronze dragon, appeared in the basic World of Warcraft as a mission-giving NPC, and he later made available in the MMORPG content that the story says time-traveling. He is also featured in the preview announcing the WoW Classic, and is a playable character in Heroes of the Storm.

As reported by PCGamesN, fans that have received early copies of Blizzard’s upcoming Folk and Fairy Tales of Azeroth lore book have found that Chromie’s preferred pronouns are officially revealed in the story titled “Visage Day”. In the story, Chromie chooses to take the form of a female gnome during her Visage Day ceremony, a coming-of-age ceremony where bronze dragons choose their mortal form. After choosing her mortal guise, Chromie is asked why she specifically chose to be a female, to which she answers “It suits me.”

Chromie isn’t the first trans character in the WoW universe, but she’s certainly the most prominent. She first appeared in Vanilla WoW as an NPC delivering missions inside a deserted inn within the Western Plaguelands. Since then, she has been regularly involved in any WoW storyline that involves time travel, and recently got more in the game as the NPC allowing players to access older expansions on the leveling renewal that happened before the release of the latest expansion of the game, Shadowlands. . She can also be seen in the trailer for the WoW Classic ad, where she boldly states “someone once said you can’t go home, but they lacked vision, and a temporary discombobulator.” Chromie is also playable in Blizzard’s mostly abandoned MOBA, Heroes of the Storm.

Chromie’s trans experience is handwaved as magic and dragon culture, captured in a book outside of World of Warcraft itself. There’s truth in the fact that Blizzard skipped the reality of being trans, but that doesn’t mean Chromie being trans isn’t without value. Hopefully, like the past 10 years, efforts toward proper LGBT representation continue to improve in the future.

World of Warcraft is currently on the Shadowlands add-on, and WoW Classic will soon receive The Burning Crusade.

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