NBA 2K20 is an Absolute Beast on the Court

Then we get to the on-court action itself, and its never looked smoother. NBA 2K19 is an absolute beast on the court. The game runs at a beautiful 60 frames per second, with some of the most detailed animation you’ll find in a sports game. The courts and interacting characters are nice too, from the cheerleaders to the performers to the mascots that pump up the crowd whenever they can. There are very slight occurrences with ball physics, but nothing to make you hurl your controller across the room unless you’re foolishly passing the ball to someone in the crowd, mind you.

When playing games with your created player, notice the teammate grade in the upper righthand corner. It starts at a C but fluctuates both up and down based on your play. Each rebound, assist, steal, and quality shot you take adds to your teammate grade. Each turnover, bad shot, foul, and point you allow to be scored hurts your teammate grade. To be clear, you can pad the stat sheet with 30 points, five assists, and five rebounds, and still wind up with a D in the teammate grade if you don’t play defense and jack up terrible shots on loop.

Also shown above are the Toronto Raptors Kawhi Leonard and Portland Trail Blazers Jusuf Nurkic. Leonard gets a 96 card for his game on January 1 against the Utah Jazz. In that contest, he scored 45 points on 16-for-22 shooting and also collected six rebounds. Nurkic gets a 96 card as well. His is for the January 1 game where Portland topped Sacramento 113-108. He was an absolute beast in that victory, recording 24 points, 23 boards, seven assists, five blocks, and five steals.

Every year MyGM and MyLeague are the best modes in the 2K Universe. This year, other parts of the game are almost as strong, but the franchise concepts still shine brightly. MyGM has two different experiences. You can go through a story mode similar to last year’s, only this time you’re in charge of an expansion team. The other experience is more straightforward without the story, but you’ll have a similar set of control.

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Lillard is another player who worked with 2K promoting last year’s game. Lillard even has a role in the NBA 2K18 MyCareer story. Should you loved this informative article and you would want to receive more details with regards to Buy NBA 2K20 MT Points i implore you to visit the web-site. He’s also coming off a stellar regular season before he and his Portland Trail Blazers bombed in the first round against the New Orleans Pelicans. He is a former NBA Live cover athlete, but it has been four years since he appeared on the cover of the EA series. Lillard’s hip-hop prowess and overall marketability would seemingly strengthen his candidacy too. Defenders also can’t just rely on holding the left trigger to be in the ideal situation to contest a shot. The automated contest system has been removed, so defenders need to actively get a hand in the shooter’s face by using the right analog stick if they want to affect the shot.

MLB The Show 19 Players are Excited to be on Board

In this game mode, players will only take control of their team for the games that matter. Think in terms of intense rivalries, clinching scenarios, and milestones. Beyond trying to get to the postseason with your team, users will also enounter GM and player-specific missions that will set the tone for the rest of the season. With fewer games played in this mode, the margin for error becomes much slimmer. The team’s performance ultimately factors into a “team momentum” stat, which will determine how the team performs between playable episodes. Drop the ball and your team could hit a perpetual downward spiral, just like the Los Angeles Lakers.

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Watney, who currently is a studio host and reporter appearing across MLB Network’s studio programming made the exciting announcement today on her Twitter account. It didn’t take long for her fans to show their excitement following the big news. Before joining the MLB Network, Watney covered the Los Angeles Galaxy for Time Warner Cable SportsNet. She then joined the Red Sox crew for three seasons. Watney held the position with the Red Sox from 2008-2011.

The upcoming MLB The Show 19 makes a point to stay as true to the stats and layout of the MLB as possible, which has left many gamers wondering what stats their favorite players will receive. Taking into consideration the above information about Trout, he’s sure to be one of the most anticipated stat reveals in the entire game. As it turns out, MLB The Show developer SIE San Diego Studio didn’t disappoint fans of the Los Angeles Angels and the club’s prized center fielder, Trout.

Bryce Harper is the reigning Home Run Derby champ. Back then, the former Washington Nationals star took no prisoners as he dominated in front of the home town faithful. Harper, now a member of the Philadelphia Phillies, is ready to defend his crown. We put together an early 2019 Home Run Derby featuring eight of the biggest power hitters in the game today. The final two contenders came down to Bryce Harper and Texas slugger Joey Gallo. The MLB The Show 19 mini mode Home Run Derby simulation is an instant classic from Fenway Park.

The latest MLB The Show 19 Bryce Harper video doesn’t show the slugger making a great play in the field or smashing a home run. In case you have almost any issues about where by in addition to the best way to Buy MLB 19 PS4 Stubs, you possibly can email us on our own page. It starts off more like a trailer for a deep dark trailer movie that has yet to hit theaters. If you aren’t familiar with how conquest mode works, it is simple. Conquest Mode in MLB The Show lets you battle across the country with your own elite roster. Okay, that isn’t the half of it, but for those of you familiar with MLB The Show you will notice a few changes to conquest mode in 2019. Betts comes into 2019 with a 92 rating. As stressed by the creators during last evening’s live stream, the rating systems have changed compared to seasons past. Betts’ strong fielding ability, not to mention his great year at the plate has catapulted him to one of the top MLB The Show 19 player ratings this season.

Top Twitch Streams for Dota 2 Feature Auto Chess

That is why there are people who lose intentionally to get as much gold as possible. Usually this tactic works. However, if you want to do it, you have to start in the early stages of the game. If you do this later, it will definitely cost you more HP because your enemies will have more units on the chess board. Beside from receiving gold each round, you can also get bonus gold if you win a round. Also, you can get up to 3 gold if you are either on a winning or a losing streak. All this means that if you want to be economically successful in this game, you have to be on either a winning or a losing streak. The absolute worst thing to do is to bounce between wins and loses.

According to rumor, Valve seems eager to cash in on this emerging new style of gameplay, and that only makes sense. Their lauded Team Fortress series was spawned of a simple mod for the original Quake, and even the beloved Counter Strike franchise began thanks to a mod for the first Half Life game. Could this be yet another Valve game inspired by modders? Few items went through rework and Blade mail is one of them. If you ask me the change is massive, the buff is massive but that’s only because the return was actually very low. 10% was not that good and that’s why the reward was not worth the hassle. But now Blade Mail returns 20% of the taken damage which is pretty good and it’s now worth the hassle that you have to go through to make the item. IF you’re LUCKY enough to get the proper drops.

Dota Auto Chess

The fact that the mod plays like a card game and has gained a massive following in both players and viewers on Twitch has put Valve in a unique position. According to VPEsports, Valve is looking into different avenues to acquire, commercialize, and help support the development of Auto Chess. If you have any issues pertaining to wherever and how to use Dota Auto Chess, you can get hold of us at our own web page. Valve is well known for turning mods into their own unique properties because it’s something that it has done several times throughout their history. Team Fortress started as a mod for Quake, Counter-Strike was a mod of Half-Life, and even Dota was originally a mod for Warcraft III.

The growth of the game and the player base has been super fast, and I don’t see it slowing down in the next few weeks or months. The 6 million subscriber record came within a month of reaching 4 million subscribers. The mod is gaining almost 42,000 subscribers every day and at this speed, it will soon reach 7M. The game blew up soon as it was released, and the community went rogue. In the beginning, there was a lot of hype and a lot of complaints about how Auto Chess was destroying the DOTA 2 matchmaking. The hate-train died, but the game survived – and eventually became the most subscribed and played Custom Game.

EA Apex Legends Squaring Off Against Epic Fortnite

There are currently two huge battle royale titles slugging it out to be the most relevant game in the most popular genre in the world. And neither are owned by Activision, the largest video game publisher. That would be EA’s Apex Legends squaring off against Epic’s Fortnite, Fortnite with the year-long head start as a global phenomenon, but Apex Legends putting up record breaking numbers in terms of how fast its amassing its playerbase. If you cherished this write-up and you would like to obtain a lot more data relating to Apex Legends Coins kindly pay a visit to the web site. Epic confirmed that the game reached 7.6 million concurrent players on Saturday, Feb. 16, a non-special-event record for Fortnite. The record comes one week after a Marshmello concert event in-game garnered over 10.7 million players which doesn’t include Twitch viewers. The game has averaged around eight million players for past in-game special events.

Apex Legends Coins

Nessy locations are dotted around the Apex Legends map in a total of ten different places and, after a bit of sleuthing from fans online, it turns out interacting with them in the right way can spawn you a pretty neat easter egg. Here, we’ll run through all ten Nessy locations in a handy map, which also tackles which ones to go for in what order, and explain all you need to know about how to spawn the Loch Ness monster in Apex Legends prepare yourself though, you’re in for a bit of a challenge.

Apex Legends’Bangalore character is an attack-type Legend that excels at area-denial. While she doesn’t offer the same aggressive playstyle that comes easily to Bloodhound and Wraith, careful management of her Smoke Launcher and Rolling Thunder abilities can lead to easy wins. Bangalore is an attack-type character in Apex Legends that utilizes smoke canisters and artillery strikes to control the battlefield. Thanks to her passive, she can quickly reposition for a better angle or escape a fight that would otherwise turn south.

Apex Legends lets you carve a three-part multicoloured path through the sky at the beginning of each match with its innovative landing system. From the trails each team leaves in their wake to the addition of a team Jumpmaster to guide the group down together, there’s a lot to like, but a whole lot more to it all than just pointing where you want to go and hoping you get there first. Electronic Arts along with Respawn Entertainment published and developed a new free to play battle royale game called Apex Legends. This game is set in the same universe as Titanfall and has recently been released for Windows PCs, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The introduction of each character having their own unique skills and abilities, makes it stand out from Fortnite and PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUND or PUBG.

Just a few weeks into its initial release, this game has taken over the entire Internet with everyone talking about its features, graphics, and storyline. We will be talking about the game in this article. Professional Apex Legends player NRG Dizzy discovered a potentially game-breaking glitch while in the final round of a match Friday.

World of Tanks Blitz is a Free to Play Mobile MMO Action Game

Being able to score some goals with tanks is already an exciting thing. But being able to compete against others and win prizes is more exciting than that. Wargaming did not lose a second and announced the addition of tournaments to World of Tanks’Tank Soccer Mode 2018. In case you have almost any issues about where by in addition to the best way to work with World of Tanks Gold, you possibly can email us on our own page. The tournaments will take place every week starting on June 18. However, a new stage will begin every Tuesday. Thirty-two teams will be able to participate in the finals, but only twenty-four of them will qualify for the gold cup tournament. You will not have to apply for the competition. All you have to do is participate in fifteen matches with one of the three vehicles available.

World of Tanks Gold

Players will be introduced to the alternate reality of World of Tanks: Mercenaries through a thrilling new PvE story campaign: The Heist. An action-packed tale of espionage, nuclear tensions, and adrenaline-fueled tank battles, this adventure follows a motley crew of Mercenaries contracted to set up, execute, and escape from a raid on a secret facility. Their mission is to steal nuclear material for a client who harbours his own atomic ambitions, but the crew soon find themselves at the mercy of the combined powers of the United States and the Soviet Union. Players can tackle this story alone or with a friend using the online co-op functionality.

Victory in the Blitz Twister Cup means a lot to us. First of all, it strengthens our bond with each other and intensifies our friendship. Secondly, it made us dive into eSports even deeper than before and showed us all the possibilities of what someone can achieve in their life if you try hard, follow your dreams and never give up, states Jan Peter Haupenthal, Radioactive team captain. We will surely participate in further eSports events in World of Tanks Blitz and try to defend our title next year. Thanks to Wargaming for this great game and this wonderful experience that showed once again how our world is currently in a shift where eSports are becoming a more and more respected and promising part of your future.

World of Tanks Blitz went a long way from its beginnings in 2014. Back in the days, it was exclusively developed for handheld devices but the developers made it a cross-platform and bring it to Windows 10. Now, Windows 7 version wasn’t supported until the end of 2016, but now you can play it seamlessly on the most popular Windows iteration. World of Tanks Blitz will see the four best teams in Blitz head to Minsk, Belarus, on November 11th to compete for their share of $30,000 in the Twister Cup.

During this year’s Tokyo Game Show, I caught up with Ozan Kocoglu, the General Manager for Wargaming in Asia. This is because World of Tank Blitz is getting some truly fascinating content, which leverages the talent of Japanese games and anime. While, the Valkyria Chronicles crossover was announced fairly recently and is now playable in World of Tanks Blitz on mobile, Ozan took to the stage during the show to announce that the game would also be collaborating with another creative figure in Japan to create a unique tank for the game; that of Kunio Okawara.

FIFA 19 TOTW 18 Predictions and IF Watch Investments: 86 Pepe, 87 Marquinhos and 85 Draxler for FUT 19 Team of the Week 18

Nice week for FIFA 19 TOTY and TOTW 18! The Winter transfer 2019 is full in swing, and Ligue 1 is back to action joining with Premier League and La Liga, who will get an in-form card in the FIFA 19 TOTW 18 this week? Cavani, Marquinhos, Draxler, Pepe, Luiz…… Here is FIFA 19 TOTW 18 Predictions and IF Watch suggestions you can invest the best players or buy players with cheap FIFA 19 Points at


Lille maintained its push for second place and an automatic Champions League spot next season with a 3-1 win at Caen on Friday. Nicolas Pepe was at the heart of this 11th league success of the season, scoring in the eighth minute and setting up Rafael Leao and Brazilian Luiz Araujo to complete a cosy win. Forward Raul de Tomas scored a hat trick to lead Rayo Vallecano to a 4-2 win over Celta Vigo on Friday, boosting its chances of escaping the Spanish league’s relegation zone.

FIFA 19 TOTW 18 Predictions – IF Watch Saturday Performances


CM: Declan Rice (West Ham) – 1 goal, MOTM in 1-0 win Arsenal (WS Rating 8.3)

CB: Marquinhos (PSG) – 1 goal, Clean sheet in 3-0 win Amiens (WS Rating 8.04)

RW: Nicolas Pepe (Lille) – 1 goal 2 assists, MOTM in 3-1 win Caen (WS Rating 8.92)

ST: De Tomas (Rayo Vallecano) – 3 goals, MOTM in 4-2 win Celta Vigo (WS Rating 9.86)

CB: Jardel (Benfica) – 1 goal, Clean sheet, MOTM in 2-0 win Santa Clara (WS Rating 8.02)

ST: Roy Krishna (Wellington Phoenix) – 2 goals in 3-2 win Central Coast Mariners

LW: Adam Armstrong (Blackburn Rovers) – 1 goal in 2-0 win Millwall (WS Rating 7.19)

ST: Edinson Cavani (PSG) – 1 goal 1 assist in 3-0 win Amiens (WS Rating 8.05)

CM: Julian Draxler (PSG) – 1 assist, MOTM in 3-0 win Amiens (WS Rating 9.28)

GK: Ludovic Butelle (Angers SCO) – 6 saves and MOTM in 0-0 draw

GK: Walter Benitez (OGC Nice) – 4 saves in 1-0 win Bordeaux

ST: Djaniny (AI Ahli) – 5 goals in 5-1 win Ohod

CB: David Luiz (Chelsea) – 1 assist in 2-1 win Newcastle United (WS Rating 8.22)

FIFA 19 Chelsea

The official FIFA 19 TOTW 18 squad will be announced at 3pm (UK time), Wednesday, January 16, 2019. Three hours after the official reveal of these FUT 19 Team of the Week 18 IF (in-form) cards, these new upgraded players will then become available in packs.


Although the above list of FIFA 19 Team of the Week 18 predictions is only a shortlist of potential candidates and there is no guarantee that any of these players will make the final FUT 19 TOTW 18 squad, they will provide you with a good indication as to which players will likely make the final cut. For confirmed FIFA 19 TOTW 18 lineup, please stay tuned for, a reliable, cheap and fast online in-game currency store. We’ll inform you immediately as long as official TOTW 18 roster comes out.

Quick Leveling Methods for Neverwinter Free to Play Gamers

Neverwinter is a noob friendly video game, everyone can start easily and quickly to reach lvl 30, but the further levels aren’t so joyful compared with beginning stages. So, are you still struck at level 60 and can’t figure out a way to level 70? No worries. Today, in this guide, we’ll show you what you should do to make your way from level 60 to 70.

Neverwinter Farm Route Recommend

First, Go talk to Sgt. Knox. He’ll have several of new quests for you, some of which you should do right now, and some that can wait. Here’s the ones you should do right now:


  1. Find a low level partner to farm, system will think you are helping other gamers and give extra exp to you. This called baby account.
  2. A Matter of Dwarves and Farms. This starts the Dwarven King/ RA Salvatore quest line, which serves as a precursor to the Underdark campaign. While you can’t really start that until you hit 70, the quests are available at 60. It’s also the precursor to Maze Engine, which for some ridiculous reason is put lower in the window. If you care about story at all, the only way the Maze Engine story makes sense is if you do these quests first.
  3. Going to Seed. This is the start of the Elemental Evil campaign, which will be the bulk of your leveling to 70, and where much buttkicking for goodness occurs.
  4. Follow mainstream quests, although you can’t get too much experience, you will get good weapons for your current level, that helps you to grind easier. Now, you can do this before the Dwarven King chain, but that’s a bit like reading The Return of the King before you read The Fellowship of the Ring. If you don’t care about story, by all means, do this first. But if you’re like me and actually do care about the story in a game, start with the Dwarves and Farms chain.


Also, a new quest opens given by Jarlaxle, who is standing near the giant front door of Protector’s enclave, near a wagon. Speak to him to initiate the Vault of the Nine quest, which rewards you with your class artifact. Once you complete it, every new character you make now can claim their own copy of that artifact from the Reward Claim Agent in PE.  You might need a friend to help you if you run this at level 60.  It is a lair that boosts you to 70, but you will be weak against the level 70 mobs inside.  It’s worth it, though! If you don’t have zen to get yourself a mount, them come and buy Cheap Neverwinter Zen at We are the cheapest online in-game currency store.


Sharandar quest unlocked at lvl 64, this is a lucrative quest and you can speculate a lot from it. This leads to the Sharandar campaign and your next source of boons and other goodies. If you start this at 64, you can have one or two boons at least by the time you get to 70. It’s also time-gated, so it’s something you can do a little bit of each day to progress. The boons are terribly slow to pick up, and purchasing the armor and weapons only slows that down more, but you will have to gauge your style of game play and your character class to figure out if you need to do that or not.


At 67 you can start the Spinward Rise portion of the Elemental Evil campaign. If you don’t have an Ensorcelled Mulhollorand weapon set, I suggest you complete the main quest line in this zone. The reward at the end is your first artifact weapon, and it’s relatively easy to get. Also, the gear set you get here can carry you over until you start getting gear from seals. If you do have the Ensorcelled set, you can skip this and just go for some of the other artifact sets in the game, it’s up to you.


If you still cannot level up fast after reading all above tips, come back to and Buy Neverwinter Zen Account, then you can absolutely get to lvl 70 within one day.

The Motivation Behind the Creation of Fallout 76

One of the jokes about early adopters is that they unwittingly become beta testers. They buy cutting-edge technology with the expectation of being the first person on the block to have the latest and greatest product. When it works out, consumers have the prestige of owning a must-have gizmo. When it doesn’t, early adopters face frustration, disappointment and regret. Players who picked up Fallout 76 for its launch find themselves on the wrong side of this equation. If you have any sort of inquiries pertaining to where and how you can make use of Fallout 76 Bottle Caps, you could call us at our own web-page.

Fallout 76-29

It’s easy to understand the motivation behind the creation of Fallout 76, a multiplayer offshoot of one of the most wildly popular franchises in video games. Allowing players to trounce around a bombed-out West Virginia wasteland with their friends seems like a no-brainer on paper. Unfortunately, Bethesda is infamous for flubbing the execution of its open-world titles, which are invariably released to the public riddled with bugs and irritating if not game-breaking gameplay imbalances that mar the experience.

Online games are a phenomenal way to group up with friends and take on a gaming adventure together. Unfortunately, the downside to a more social gaming experience is that some people are capable of ugly behavior and it can ruin the experience for others in a setting like this. Unfortunately for Fallout 76 players, that ugliness came out in a shocking way resulting in an entire group being banned for horrifyingly homophobic behavior.

According to video game statistics site GitHyp, Fallout 76 peaked at 106,000 concurrent viewers on Twitch before dropping by more than 50 percent. These numbers are actually worse than when the game was in its B.E.T.A. stage, and they’re well below what Fallout 4 achieved in 2015. The site places Fallout 76 at No. 31 on its game viewership board for the year, behind older titles like Bloodborne and Dark Souls III. Fallout 76 released last week, and though Bethesda was certainly hoping for the online role-playing game to take the world by storm, it hasn’t made a particularly big impact. Twitch viewership for Fallout 76 is significantly down compared to Fallout 4, and early reactions are mixed.

Fallout 76 developer Bethesda is about to release a big gameplay patch for PS4, Xbox One and PC. And the update can’t come soon enough, because Fallout 76 hasn’t been without its problems since launching earlier this week. The new Fallout 76 update will be released on November 19, and is expected to be a big one.

According to early patch notes, Bethesda will prioritise stability and performance on all platforms, before moving on to content updates. The next update will focus primarily on game performance and stability on all platforms but will also come with a list of fixes to quests, UI, C.A.M.P.s, and more, reads a Bethesda post. This update will be large compared to what we expect for patches going forward.

Fallout 76 has been plagued with some nasty bugs and performance issues since releasing last week, and Bethesda has pushed out its first post-launch patch for the new online take on Fallout. This patch is positively massive, coming in at more than 48GB on Xbox One and similar sizes for PS4 and PC.

Achievement Hunters Can Have a Look at the List for Forza Horizon 4

For one, Forza Horizon 4 on PC will support HDR. Forza Horizon 3 received an HDR patch after launch on Xbox One, but the feature never made it to PC. Forza fans, we’re one huge step closer to the launch of Forza Horizon 4. Now we’re announcing that the game has officially gone gold and is off for pressings of retail discs and final setup for digital release. Once your accounts are linked, you’ll automatically start earning influence every 5-minutes you spend watching your favorite Forza Horizon 4 Mixer streamers tear up the track.

Two lucky Grand Prize winners and their plus ones will receive the Ultimate McLaren Driving Experience, including an all-expenses paid trip and participation in Pure McLaren, the official track driving program of McLaren Automotive. The basic premise remains the same as this time the Horizon festival of motorsport arrives in the U.K, once again meaning we get a big open world and a wealth of awesome cars to drive around in.

Forza Horizon 4 From Goodwood

If you ordered the Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate Edition, then you can start exploring beautiful, historic Britain. Microsoft today announced that it has completed development of Forza Horizon 4 and is readying the game for physical media and digital release. Players can expect returning achievements from previous Horizon releases such as hunting down barn finds taking a drive down every road, finishing all of the showcases, and more. This is a good move, because it’ll make it easier to know how demanding the game is right out of the gate without having to wait for user benchmarks.

Best of Bond Car Pack

The car list features modern classics like the BMW Z8 from The World Is Not Enough as well as a bevy of classic Aston Martin models, including the most-featured car in Bond film history the Aston Martin DB5. The pack is included as part of the Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate Edition and will be playable with early access to the game, beginning in September. In case you have almost any issues about where by in addition to the best way to work with Cheap Forza Horizon 4 Credits, you possibly can email us on our own page. Players will also be able to purchase the Best of Bond Car Pack separately at the global launch of the game in October.

You’ll notice a small ribbon badge located near the game title on Mixer which indicates that the stream is eligible for earning in-game influence. Grand Prize winners will also receive an Xbox One X, a copy of Forza Horizon 4 and an Elite Controller. All participants who play Forza Horizon 4 at McLaren Beverly Hills will also receive a DLC Card unlocking the McLaren Senna in the game while supplies last.

Maybe they were afraid we’d paint ourselves blue and use their skulls as decorations. To be fair that is not entirely outside the realms of possibility.

This week has been an amazing one for Forza as we’ve celebrated the launch of Forza Horizon 4 from Goodwood, the British home of automotive culture. Forza Horizon 4 will launch with over 450 cars. But it will be released alongside a Day One car pack that might be of interest too. But that’s why we spent a lot of time focusing to make sure we get it right this time.

Heavy Gunners are One of Highest Damage Dealing Maplestory 2 Class Currently

Customize your hero, embark on epic quests, build your dream world, and explore a brand new dimension of the MapleStory universe alongside a passionate community of fellow Maplers. You’ll find colorful 3D landscapes to explore, loads of new and familiar enemies to vanquish, and tons of exciting bosses to battle. A new developer video for MapleStory 2 was recently uploaded, with the development team touching on the game bosses.

Maplestory 2 Heavy Gunner

Recently, a new CG trailer was revealed, teasing the impending arrival of a new boss monster led by antagonist, Bella. According to rumors, 2 classes based on Dawn Knight and Thunder Breaker are in the works. You need a minimum of 2100 Gear Score to enter this dungeon. The ideal composition for this dungeon is 1 Priest and 3 DPS classes.


This Maplestory 2 Heavy Gunner Build Guide will teach you how to steamroll content like never before. This first update also made is so that Field Bosses and Dungeon Bosses are now more likely to drop equipment items for your job. Speaking of which, there are new five new Field Bosses to find. Unlike in the first game, where everything was self-grind and no interaction with other people whatsoever, beside asking your friend to carry you once in a while for the end game gear and through that play the game solely alone. After the boss has died, you can also repeatedly attack the corpse until the body disappears, allowing you to get some extra Mesos and sometimes some elixirs.


After the item has been dropped though, the item disappears quickly after so be careful not to drop it when the top player is too far away. Anyone hit by this attack will be knocked up into the air and take a decent chunk of damage. There’s not much to say about this attack other than to just dodge it by dashing to a side or behind him.


There are also new Elite Monsters:


Zombie Mushmom (Lv. 32)

Stumpy (Lv. 34)

King Slime (Lv. 35)

Mano (Lv. 37)

Wind Shaman Lapeng (Lv. 38)

Urpanda (Lv. 40)

Summon Shaman Latoon (Lv. 40)


It seems the destrutible environment, in this case trees. will block players’ path and trap them in unfavourable positions. Players can design everything from outfits and gear to dream homes and beyond. Crit builds work well too but having bad luck can cost you a lot, especially in Hard Dungeons where max respawn is only 5 times. The final big addition that arrived with this update is an entire new area known as the Clocktower Plaza. Its nearby areas have also been opened up so you can travel around a little bit more.


In Maplestory 2, there’s no Scrolling system or at least it doesn’t have the same enchantment system like in GMS. If you are you looking for more about MapleStory 2 Mesos check out our website. You repeat this process several times and you will be awarded with 5 tokens that you can use to spin for vouchers and items in Queenstown. The fire breath animation starts with Pyrros making a small circle animation with his head while giving off a high pitched sound, before shooting fire in a cone in a direction.