EA Sports Kicks Off New Season In FIFA Mobile

FIFA fans just can’t get enough of the series’ signature football action, and that’s the main reason why EA is keeping soccer fans engaged through FIFA Mobile, the company’s flagship Android and iOS sports game. In keeping with its usual tradition, EA Sports has finally rolled out the latest season in FIFA Mobile, and the updated content includes a new specially-designed campaign as well as player training, skill boosts, and a number of freebie items.

Chief among the game’s latest features is the Campaign, which breaks gameplay down into easily-digestible Chapters that will gradually reward gamers with various players and items. EA promises “many unique” Campaign missions, each of which offering a variety of special bonuses upon completion.


The new season of FIFA Mobile will finally introduce player training, which will allow gamers to train any player up the ranks from Bronze to Silver, Gold, Elite, and eventually Master level. Toward that front, mobile players can also make use of new Skill Boosts, which provide incremental bonuses to stats and overall rating (OVR) and can help round out a team’s defensive and offensive potency.

FIFA Mobile has long been available as a free-to-play game, and the latest update isn’t planning to change that formula. The game is compatible with Android devices running OS version 4.1 and up, and those types of players can pick up FIFA Mobile through the Google Play Store. Alternatively, iPhone users running iOS 8 or later can pick the game up through the Apple App Store. For a look at everything being offered in the new update.

Forza Motorsport 7 is More Real Than Ever

After sitting in snail-paced Auckland traffic over a holiday weekend, another hour of driving doesn’t sound too appealing.

But when it’s 25 laps of the picturesque Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps at 350 km/h, it’s time well spent.

Forza Motorsport 7 is a car game so the objective hasn’t really changed since Gran Turismo arrived on the PlayStation One in 1997, eight years before the first Forza Motorsport on the Xbox.

You win races, earn cash, buy more cars and unlock more tracks. They’re not exactly reinventing the wheel in Forza 7, but what they do is make every wheel, hubcap, windscreen and windscreen wiper look as real as it ever has in a motorsport game.


The familiarity and simple game objective fits like a driving glove as you know you’re getting a slick presentation where you’ll be at ease to just get in a car and start driving as soon as you enter the game.

Some tasks take an hour, or a number of races, while others can be a quirky take like knocking down road cones for three minutes.

There are more than 700 cars to choose from and there’s plenty of variety, from a Caddy Limo to Holden Sandman to a Formula E racing car to name just a few.

Then there are the “super rare” and “legendary” cars including F1 racing cars, a Lotus Eleven, a McLaren F1 GT and the Ferrari F12tdf. You usually need to be someone like Cristiano Ronaldo to drive the likes of those.

And there are 32 tracks, with 200 configurations, including a new fictional Dubai street circuit. The good news for Aussie and Kiwi motorsport fans is that Bathurst returns.

The gameplay once again is stunning, even more so with game-maker Turn 10 Studios using photogrammetry, which after gigabytes upon gigabytes of images of tracks, cars and even road cones, produces a clear photo-like view from behind the wheel.

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NBA 2K18 is Worth Playing for

The quality of the NBA 2K series is considered to be the best exercise in the history of the video games, and new works are available every year. Let’s take a look at the changes in NBA 2K18.

1.the graphics

If, since the emergence of the next generation of game consoles, the NBA 2 k graphics in every year, only small changes, realism lovers will be spoiled by the NBA 2 k18, it seems to have solved the game most of the small graphics problem is very beautiful. The players’ eyes have a less mechanical movement, their tattoos are better imitations, and their teeth look less brilliant… Many faces have been re-scanned this summer, but that’s not what marks us the most. Indeed, our idol’s constitution is now more realistic. Although Kevin Durant (Kevin Durant) or Nicolas Batum (Nicolas Batum) players such as degree of thin and length are too exaggerated, and gives a wireframe effect, but each player’s physique is redesigned, and presents a more realistic effect. But that’s not all. In addition to the seemingly increasing number of actors in the public, the appearance of the new Nike sweatshirt allows for every detail of the uniform. Even though some animations can still be improved, it seems completely imitated. One almost thought that, given the rendering, the limits of the console would not be reached.


2.the gameplay

Again, some things have improved. Now you can make a free throw offensive rebound (let’s face it, it’s not possible in 2K17). Movements, such as hutong, staggered support or reversal, are not easy to achieve in rhythm and cause and effect, and the effect is poor. It must be said that in filming, the rhythm of letting go is now more important. For a long time, press the shooting button after attacking the rebound, and you’ll swing a pretty scary brick! Important details in this regard, the location of the launch meter.

3.the game modes

If, like a few years now, every time start the console, will provide the MyCareer, MyLeague or MyTeam choice, between the main novelty appeared in the “run neighborhood”, this is considered a new way of your career as a player. If in the previous game, you had to play in MyPark or Pro-AM based on whether you wanted to play in the NBA game, and no menu was needed because your players would be moving around. In GTA, you can walk, meet other players online, they are doing the same thing, choose to go to the NBA’s room, playground, gym, and your apartment, your agency office, tattoo artist even Foot Locker. You can also find a 2K area where you can take a test or try to break the record in pop-up video. MyCareer has become more immersive.

For other game modes, there are fewer changes. Although MyLeague subpattern, some changes have taken place in MyGM (a story is now in your career to lead around), but the game background did not change, like most other molecular model in this section. MyTeam has deepened in its own right. These changes are not revolutionary, but they may be important.

4.the side

VC (virtual currency game) and MT (the same thing in MyTeam mode) seem to be around them, increasingly difficult to win. If you still have the chance to win the application and answer the test correctly (novelty), you’ll get a bonus, and you’ll soon be able to buy it to speed it up. If micro purchases are possible, they (obviously) are not the best, and it is very expensive to buy his VC quickly and quickly. However, we won’t throw rocks at 2K sports, at least unlike some people, it will offer all content to those who disturb, rather than tax the DLC. If you want a virtual NBA 2K18 MT Coins to unlock content without spending a little time, the NBA 2K has no secret: it’s possible, but you have to!

In terms of navigation and menu, we’ll be brief: it’s the same thing, except for some changes in design. The soundtrack is as good as ever, and it’s combined with the atmosphere of the game. We went from Kendrick Lamar and the future to a microphone and a Lagrange!If you’re a fan of the NBA, NBA 2K18 is worth it!

Deconstructing NBA Live Mobile: Why EA Can’t Replicate Madden Mobile’s Success

If you love the game of basketball, now is a very exciting time to be an NBA fan.

The game has changed considerably over the past few years; ask fans and retired players, and they will tell you that the pace is faster, players are more evenly sized and interchangeable among positions, which leads to more ball movement and strategic gameplay.

The aggressive use of the 3-point shot has introduced a new dynamic where a 20-point lead can easily dissolve with a couple of strikes beyond the arc. No team embodies this fresh style of basketball more vividly than the Golden State Warriors, a team that the NBA is all too happy to promote in marketing its brand.


At the time of this writing, EA’s NBA Live Mobile is closing on its one-year anniversary and is a top 100 grossing app, but it isn’t a consistent top 20 title.

We are in the heat of the NBA playoffs, prime time for the NBA to showcase its best talent, and this weekend NBA Live Mobile only manages to reach #39 on the iPhone top grossing charts (by comparison, EA’s Madden Mobile topped at #2 during the NFL playoffs).

This is surely below the sight lines of EA’s expectations; it spends years developing titles, iterating and polishing to groom its next billion dollar franchise.

To compare console offerings – NBA 2K17 has sold 3.6 million copies while Madden NFL has sold four million copies (US sales figures from vgchartz.com, PS4 and XBox One).

When the NBA product is so strong, and the brand has its best marketing with the playoffs in full swing, NBA Live Mobile isn’t making the strides it should be – but why?

In my analysis, I will deconstruct Past, Present, and Future of NBA Live Mobile in an attempt to explain the decisions made in creating this product and where I believe it needs to go in the future in order to win.

1. The past: The EA Sports Mobile Playbook: Why EA wanted to re-use its winning playbook from Madden Mobile, and the five pillars of that playbook
2. The present: Where NBA Live is Falling Short: A case study of NBA Live Mobile using two other titles (Madden Mobile and NBA 2K17) to understand where NBA Live Mobile is falling short and not winning
3. The future: Paving the Road Ahead for NBA Live Mobile: Understanding mobile as a medium for games and sports, and a proposal for an NBA gaming product.

Ratings of Major Ten Centers in NHL 18

The disclosure of rating of players for NHL 18 keeps running while the major ten centers in NHL come into our purview.  During the time of rating, the diverse traits are considered and these are Puck Skills, Shooting, Skating, Senses, Defense, and Physical abilities. Coin is the in-game currency of NHL 18 and coin is required in each sphere of the gameplay of NHL 18. To alleviate the dire needs of coins, gamer can go for nhl 18 coins online to serve his needs fast in comparable to the other players in gameplay of NHL 18.


Jonathan Toews

Jonathan Toews in the tenth position comes out with 89 overall.  Jonathan Toews is considered one of the most clutch players in hockey while having poise, 95 and it becomes a key segment to the success of Chicago Blackhawk. He becomes a versatile player due to his proper application of defense, senses, and five-star puck skills.

Tyler Seguin

Tyler Seguin in the ninth position appears with 89 overall.  Appearing into the league, Tyler Seguin has shown off some of the best Puck Skills in hockey.  With 94 decking, puck control, and passing permit him fix his teammate consistently for making the scoring options.  He can burn the opposition with his five-star shot.

Ryan Getzlaf

Ryan Getzlaf in eighth position does have 89 overall. Ryan Getzlaf would not be the fastest skater perhaps. His strength, 92, balance, 92 and puck control, 92 helps him appear a hard one to finish the puck. The 6’4” Anaheim Ducks captain applies his size to his merit to fix the teammates in the offensive zone.

Patrice Bergeron

Patrice Bergeron in the seventh position comes out with 89 overall.  Patrice Bergeron can deal with all. Faceoffs (95) Bergeron permits him to achieve direction of the puck to produce the offense for his team.  His defense skills come out as some of the best in hockey and his ability to close his opponents during the time of producing offense. These all make the Boston Bruins forward the best two-path center in hockey.

Nicklas Backstrom

Nicklas Backstrom in the sixth position appears with 89 overall.  Backstrom seems to be one of the best passing providers in the league. Passing, 95 and offensive awareness, 94 of Backstrom permits him to strike his teammates with passes that only a few players can do.

John Tavares

John Tavares appears in the fifth position while having 90 overall.  The captain of New York Islanders comes out as a very talented center that does each segment of the game at a pinnacle. Puck Skills of Tavares come out as the best in league along with his ability to finish plays with his proper Wrist shot, 94. Moreover, it is a key to his success.

Steven Stamkos

Steven Stamkos in the fourth position comes out with 91 overall.  Steven Stamkos come out as the best pure goal scorers in the league. His speed, 93 permits him to produce offense of the rush in which he can unleash a strong and proper shot past the net-minder of opposition.

Evgeni Malkin

Evgeni Malkin in the third position appears with 92 overall. Evgeni Malkin comes out as one of the most talented players. Balance, 94, Decking,94 and Puck Control, 95 permit him to weave his way all through defenders while playing for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Sidney Crosby

Sidney Crosby in the second position appears with 93 overall. With consecutive Stanley Cups and Conn Smythe trophies, Sidney Crosby proves him worthy.   The Pittsburgh Penguins captain applies his strength, 90, and Puck Control, 95 to guard the puck from opposition.

Connor McDavid

Connor McDavid in the first position does have 93 overall. McDavid tore the league apart with his excellent speed, 96, Puck Control, 96 and offensive awareness, 97.  The 2016-17 NHL MVP became the only player to arrive at 100 points last season.

Biggest Risers and Fallers in Madden NFL 18 Ratings

As JuJu Smith-Schuster was sprinting to a Pittsburgh Steelers-record 97-yard touchdown reception last week against the Detroit Lions, the rookie receiver kept looking back. There was a reason why: his Madden speed.

It might be the first time a player ever used Madden (and his alleged slow speed in it) to judge whether he could outrun a player in real life. Madden actually had his speed rating at an 89 — a number that changed for the first time this week from the initial 88 — but the game is starting to give the receiver credit as the midseason point approaches.

Smith-Schuster started with a 73 overall rating. Now the NFL’s leading rookie receiver in real life (24 catches and 424 yards) is at 77, which is a little low considering who is in front of him. That includes his struggling teammate, Martavis Bryant, recently reinstated Cleveland receiver Josh Gordon and a gaggle of rookies, including Tennessee’s Corey Davis, the Chargers’ Mike Williams and the Rams’ Cooper Kupp.


But don’t worry too much, JuJu. Madden ratings tend to figure themselves out — and the game has already recognized the 20-year-old’s route running (up eight, from 69 to 77) and awareness (up from 68 to 77). Soon enough, the rest could catch up.

With that in mind, here’s a spin around the “Madden NFL 18″ universe at midseason, with all the good and bad through the game’s virtual byte-sized eyes. To be up front, this is not a comprehensive list.

The 99 club

“Madden NFL 18″ initially had three players with a 99 overall rating: cover boy Tom Brady, Denver linebacker Von Miller and Los Angeles Rams defensive lineman Aaron Donald. Of those, only one remains: Miller.

Brady lost his 99 rating before Week 2, dropping to 98 likely due to a two-point drop in throwing power from 97 to 95. He’s still the highest-rated quarterback in the game, one position ahead of the injured Aaron Rodgers.

Donald dropped as low as 97 before Week 3, but rebounded to 98 the following week, his current rating. His block-shedding dropped from 91 to 88, perhaps explaining his one-point dip.

Miller remains a 99 and saw only small changes from his overall rating, with his block-shedding dropping from a 95 to an 88, while his awareness moved from a 92 to a 96 and his acceleration from an 89 to a 90. His man coverage dropped two (64 to 62) and his zone from 74 to 72. His finesse and power moves also dropped one point each.

Meanwhile, Miller has two new contemporaries at the top of Madden: New England tight end Rob Gronkowski and Houston defensive end J.J. Watt.

Watt started as a 98 and graduated to a 99 before Week 5, the same week a fractured left leg ended his season. Gronkowski, meanwhile, was boosted up before Week 4 to a 99 when his awareness jumped from 92 to 94 and his catching from 95 to 96.

Who could join them? It’s tough to truly understand the Madden formula and what will warrant bumps in ratings. Based on who is out there, Gronkowski, Miller and Watt could end up having company. There’s no reason to think Brady and Donald can’t once again achieve 99 status.

The best candidates to crack the 99 club:

Khalil Mack, OLB, Raiders: Mack moved from 97 to 98 already this season (he did so last week). Mack has 42 tackles in real life, which puts him on pace for a career high. He also has a shot to hit double-digit sacks for the third straight season. If he gets there, he could get the last bump he needs.

Antonio Brown, WR, Steelers: Not actually sure what the Madden raters have against Brown, who should be a 99 in my opinion instead of his holding-steady 97. He leads the NFL in receptions (57) and receiving yards (835) and has three touchdowns. His awareness rating is 99 and his spectacular catch rating is up to 98.

Julio Jones, WR, Falcons: He hasn’t gotten into the end zone much but is still on pace for a 1,234-yard season. It’d be his fourth straight 1,000-yard year, although his lowest total since his injury-shortened 2013. A few more touchdowns, though, and Brown’s rating could bump up, especially since he has been 98 since launch.

5 Tips You Should Knew Before Starting Madden NFL 18

Madden NFL 18 is almost upon us, with its full official release happening in just two days. Our review for the game is already live, and you can check that out here. EA’s annual football game has several new features, including a brand new story mode separate from regular gameplay, that you’ll want to take stock of before just diving right in.

Madden NFL 18 has been released on August 25 for PS4 and Xbox One, but here are five tips I wish I knew before starting the game:


You Hardly Play Any Football in Longshot

Longshot mode in Madden NFL 18 is the series’ first attempt at a story mode. Whether or not it will appeal to you is hard to say, as it certainly has its fans, but it also has its detractors who say it’s watered down on both the Telltale and football aspects.

One thing is for sure, though, you don’t play much actual football in the game mode. You never play a full Madden-style 11-on-11 game. You play a few very specific scenarios under the guise of “memories.” Besides that, you play two matches of 7-on-7, one to 21 and the other ending with a cinematic after getting to 28 points. The only time you do play a real 11-on-11 situation is during the game’s climactic challenge, but it just presents you with a series of challenges (lead a 99-yard touchdown drive, i.e.), rather than having you play the full game. Depending on how long you take with these, it’s likely that actual football will take up no more than 1/5 of your actual playtime during Longshot.

But Longshot Does Offer Useful Rewards

Sure, we may not have cared much for Longshot has a game mode, and you might not either, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t rewarding. Playing through and completing the Longshot mode will give you rewards for your MUT Squad.

The Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) is the ultimate fantasy football mode, allowing you put players from all different teams and even different eras on one roster and pit them against both CPU and Online opponents. And while the rewards in Longshot will likely not be substantial, depending on your playthrough, I’m sure you’re not one to leave money on the table.

It’s More Adaptive Than Previous Installments

For a years now, Madden games have always tried to adapt to what’s going on in the real life NFL season. This is usually something as simple as stat changes based on players’ performance, but Madden NFL 18 takes it to a whole new level with its Play Now Live feature.

Play Now Live lets you jump into the NFL season at any point, with any team and play that match. This will take into account live stats, trades and injuries, and even the commentary will be updated to include context of how the team has done so far in real life. Playing Madden during the NFL season might me more rewarding than ever, and Play Now Live might be the only real way to play during that time.

Trading is More Difficult to Exploit

If you’re a Madden veteran, you’re probably very practiced at gaming the system during Franchise Mode. Easily exploitable trade A.I. combined with the possible unexpected emergence of rookie players might have made your franchises pretty lucrative with just one or two trade offers that CPU teams would accept.

Well that isn’t the case anymore. The Franchise Mode AI in Madden NFL 18 has now been tuned to add bonus trade value to both rookies and players in the first year of their contracts, making it much harder to nab those players that the game thinks are up for grabs but may not be. Also, in the NFL landscape of Le’Veon Bell holdouts and Jimmy Garoppolo holdouts, Franchise mode has also adapted to put a higher premium on backup running backs and quarterbacks.

You’re Probably Better Off Without the “Target Passing” Feature

One of the new features in Madden NFL 18 is the “Target Passing” feature. This makes it so you’re not just pressing a button to determine who to throw the ball to and holding that button down more the faster you want to throw it. Instead, Target Passing gives you more control over exactly where you want to throw the ball around your targeted receiver.

Unfortunately, this should be considered a work in progress. It seems the only real option for the Target Passing mode is to throw slightly in front of your intended receiver, which would be where it goes anyway with just one button press and no loss of surrounding vision. Any alterations to your ball placement will likely confuse the receiving AI into missing your pass. This isn’t to say that a system that allows you to, for example, back-shoulder a pass or throw your receiver open by putting it deeper, wouldn’t be good. It certainly would be. But, as far as we can tell, Target Passing is not that system just yet. Maybe give it a few more Maddens.

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NBA 2K18 News: More Updates Are On The Way

The NBA 2K community has had their voices heard and there are more updates on the way for NBA 2K18.

Per a 2K representative, I spoke with via email, one of them will address an issue with MyGM and MyLeague. One of the features that were supposed to be available for MyGM and MyLeague gave fans the opportunity to eliminate duplicates from their base roster when using players from Classic, All-Time and current teams.


That feature didn’t work properly as both filters would eliminate almost all of the elite stars in your player pool.

Per 2K, that bug will be fixed in an upcoming patch. There will likely be other fixes to those two modes and perhaps more in that update.

We don’t know exactly when this specific update will be available, or when the next title update for NBA 2K18 will go live, but it’s good to know work is still being done to improve the gaming experience.

One area 2K still needs to address is the offline create-a-player feature. The system was downgraded significantly in NBA 2K18 and many of the community’s content creators have pushed for some sort of improvement to this aspect of the game. Days after launch, a 2K rep said: “we can’t patch the old system back into 2K18 but we are working on adding as much into the next 2K18 patch (after day 1) as we can.”

We’re still waiting for that update. Other common issues are related to mode stability within The Neighborhood, clipping during gameplay as well as shot make-and-miss ratios. NBA 2K18 is one of the largest games available for any system, but there are areas that still need to be addressed in almost every mode.

Hopefully, fans will ultimately be treated to a game that can execute all of its brilliant ideas.

FIFA 18 Wonderkids: the 6 Best Young Players to sign in Career Mode

FIFA’s Career Mode lasts for 15 whole seasons, and if you’re hoping to achieve long-term success then you’ll need to build for the future. Of course, there are so many options at your disposal that it can prove tough to know who to spend your precious cash on.

That’s where FFT comes in. We’ve identified every FIFA 18 wonderkid who begins Career Mode with a potential of 90 or higher (at time of writing). If you train them well, pay them handsomely and offer plenty of valuable game time, then you’ll soon have the world’s very best players lining your squad.

1. Kylian Mbappe

Rating: 83, Potential: 94


Need to know: Given his 83 overall and 94 potential ratings, PSG’s newly acquired forward proves the ultimate pick of FIFA 18’s wonderkids. This year’s game implements a significant bonus to his potential rating over last year, improving attributes such as sprint speed and finishing along the way. Invest now, and you’ll bag a lethal striker for the duration of FIFA 18’s Career Mode.

2. Gianluigi Donnarumma

Rating: 82, Potential: 94


Milan wonderkid Donnarumma is the only goalkeeper on this list. The 18-year-old has emerged as one of the world’s top shot-stoppers despite his young age, and this leads to an incredible 94 potential rating in FIFA 18. As an added bonus, his 2018 contract expiry results in a potential free transfer opportunity in Career Mode.

3. Marco Asensio

Rating: 84, Potential: 92


The 21-year-old Asensio made 23 La Liga appearances for Real Madrid in his first full year at the Bernabeu, while he also netted in the Champions League final. His potential has soared to 92 in FIFA 18 as a result, with the only downside arising from his increased value and wage demands in Career Mode.

4. Ousmane Dembele

Rating: 83, Potential: 92


Despite suffering an unfortunate injury following his €105m transfer to Barcelona in the summer, Dembele’s current and potential ratings are still improved in FIFA 18. The 20-year-old Frenchman’s 92 potential puts him among the game’s elite wonderkids, and he benefits from outstanding speed, dribbling and five-star skills attributes.

5. Gabriel Jesus

Rating: 81, Potential: 92


Initially, it can prove tempting to overlook the 81-rated Jesus in favour of Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero. With enough perseverance, though, Jesus’s potential can rise to 92 – slightly improved over FIFA 17. Bragging 93 agility, 92 balance and 89 acceleration, you can’t afford to overlook this talented, 20-year-old Brazilian.

6. Thomas Lemar

Rating: 83, Potential: 91


Lemar is another to benefit from a big addition to his potential rating this year. The same applies to his overall rating, thanks to upgrades for his dribbling, vision and crossing attributes. The 21-year-old provides one of many compelling reasons to take charge of Monaco in FIFA 18’s Career Mode.

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NHL 18 is a Solid Game, but it Lacks in New Modes

NHL 18 is the latest installment in the long-running hockey simulator franchise and it comes in rather quietly. Launch trailers, gameplay reveals, and typical advertisement before the launch for the game was rather slow. And that is perhaps this is the off year for the NHL franchise.

What I mean by this: every so often, sports titles in particular, usually have a year where not a lot of new improvements or features were added to the new installment. We saw it with other sports games as well, MLB The Show, Madden franchise, and even the revered NBA 2K series. It’s hard for developers to turn out a new version of the game within a year. It takes time to come up with new gameplay mechanics, dynamic features, and an immersive story.


Even though this might be NHL’s “off year” it is still pretty good for Hockey fans and newcomers alike. I for one am a casual hockey player, so one of the problems I face every time I play NHL is that I just don’t know how to master some of the moves in the game. Passing and shooting are relatively self-explanatory, but actually understanding why I’m doing what I’m doing is always a concern of mine. This is where the new Training Camp brought to the game by Team Canada comes into play really nicely.

Before even starting this game and learning about the training camp, I told myself “I’m going to hit YouTube and learn a little bit about the gameplay and rules of Hockey. To my surprise, NHL 18 has a new feature which details moves, plays, and lets you practice them as Team Canada. This was an awesome feature that obviously made my time with the game so much more worth it. If you’re like me, you will definitely want to head to the Training Camp and sharpen up your skills with the new informative videos and practice demos.

Besides the new training camp, NHL 18 also comes with the new 3 vs 3 modes where players will be able to play circuits across the country, recruit players and mascots, and compete online. This was obviously one of the new big features of the game. This is where players can enjoy themselves with a little arcadey style of gameplay. The format is fast-paced and intense giving players a fresh feel to the usual style of playing NHL. It also comes packing a new hilarious MC which will voiceover the match alongside a modified version of the ice rink.

The NHL Threes is a good time and is worth checking out if you pick up the game; however, besides the two new features mentioned above – NHL Threes and Training Camp – NHL 18 seems to be recycled from last year.

Players can start their own franchise and take them to the Stanley Cup; create their player and have them join a team; or take their skills online and battle it out against other players. NHL still looks visually stunning with faces of players looking realistic, the crowds in the back get excited when a score is made, and the commentators with their dynamic conversations. The game is a solid buy for anyone who enjoys hockey, but for players who were hoping for new features or modes, this title will bum you out.