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The best toram gaming tips which can improve your gameplay

Toram Online is a free-to-play, anime MMORPG on mobile devices with colorful, high quality graphics, a large persistent open world, beautiful scenery and environments, point and click combat, story-oriented quests with lots of cutscenes, and dozens of instanced boss battles. It is the sequel to popular IRUNA Online.

Heya, many of you who might read this are probably old players or maybe newbies (but its unlikely, since newbies don’t know about this forum). So what I wanna talk about is the best toram gaming tips which can improve your gameplay. (I know I’m not the first but please help this thread find light)

Choose Normal Job Like Sword and Katana
When you are just playing, choose a normal job or class with a low level of difficulty such as a sword and katana, because these two jobs have the easiest gameplay compared to other jobs, unlike mages who have cast speed which is sometimes very troublesome for newbies.

 Required to enter the guild
As a newbie, you are obliged to have your name entered into a guild or guild, this is because you of course need help from many people (your guild members) for leveling, bossing, and also asking for help such as high lvl items. In addition, some guilds also have many other facilities, for example free locks and refines for their members, entering the guild will also give you free bodyguard facilities, this bodyguard can be used to help you complete the main quest and leveling.

 Level up to Lvl 70 and Create a Mage Farm Character
Do the leveling until your character touches level 70, after that you have to create a new character with a job mage with full luck status, you will use this character to do farming activities to find in-game spina / money. Spina is a very important thing in Toram Online, by having a lot of spina you can make your character extraordinarily strong, besides that spina is also needed to improve your appearance!

Focus on completing the main quest first
The focus on completing the main quest is the main thing you have to do, because the main quest provides a lot of experience that you really need for leveling your character, please note that for now, when you finish the main quest until the final stage (last update), you guys will reach level 143, with that level, you already have decent damage, as well as the ability to bossing and farming.

Others would find Archers more useful since they can stay out of enemy attack range and deal damage at the same time, but I’m trying to say is that the ‘best’ strategy is one you come up with yourself. Don’t be too tempted to copy someone else’s build because the fun inside the game comes from creativity.

Don’t try to take jobs such as mage and bow at the beginning of the game, it will affect your difficulty leveling your character.

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The best tips to help you to level up fast in Toram Online

Toram Online Departure From Iruna is an Anime Style Open World MMORPG by Asobimo. The game launched in 2015 and has over thousands of players today.

Leveling up in Toram Online is a quite importat thing for players, and players always want to figure out the tips to level up quickly. Today, our website z2u.com will list some best tips to help you to level up fast in Toram Online.
Toram Online
Not only exp in large numbers, spot leveling bosses and miniboss that we will now share more occupants so you don’t need to be afraid not to get a party. Ok but before that, there are some tips before leaving for the leveling place. Hmmm, what are the tips? Let’s see the discussion in this article.

As we all know, different level needs different skills to level up quickly. In the following, some tips in different levels among 1 level to 99 levels will be introduced to all of you.

Level 1 – 6
Area: Land under Development

Monster: Any monsters found in the area or Boss Colon (HP 1000, Exp 30). The boss is weak to fire so a fire elemental damage will be really helpful.

Level 12 – 17
Area: Underground Ruins

Monster Excavated Golem (HP 3150, Exp 90)

Level 17 – 23
Area: Underground Channel

Monster: Gestpenst (Lvl. 20, HP 8544, Exp 240, Weak against light)

Level 23 – 27
Area: Isthmus of Kaus, Dragon’s Den

Monster: Eerie Crystal (Lvl 24, HP 6300, Exp 225, Weak against light)

Level 27 – 30
Area: Marbaro Forest

Monster: Forest Wolf (Normal, Lvl 30, HP 16038, Exp 300, Weak against earth)

Level 30 – 36
Area: Ruined Temple, Forbidden Hall

Monster: Minotaur (Lvl 32)

Level 36 – 42
Area: Ribisco Cave, Top of Nisel Mountain

Monster: Boss Goblin (Normal, HP 26758, Exp 560, Weak to water)

Level 42 – 44
Area: Fiery Volcano

Monster: Mochelo (Lvl 43, HP 60000, Exp 620, Weak to earth)

(Alternative) Level 1 – 43
Area: Nisel Mountain, Area 2

Monster: Shell Mask

Keep Nisel Wood and Bitter Nut for future Quests.

Level 44 – 45
Area: Zoktzda Ruins, Reversed Hall

Monster: Ruin Golem (Normal, Lvl 45, HP 41200, Exp 660, Weak to fire)

Level 45 – 50
Area: Land of Caos

Monster: Forestia (Normal, Lvl 49, HP 135000, 1480 EXP, Weak to earth)

Level 50 – 52
Area: Fiery Volcano Boss Area

Monster: Flare Volg (Normal, Lvl 50, HP 120000, 1500 EXP Weak to Water)

(Alternative) Level 43-53
Area: Empress Tomb, Area 3

Monster: Bone Dragonewth

This can be a bit difficult for solo players. It is much better if you can have a party.

Level 52 – 54
Area: Lutaros Cavern

Monster: Ooze (Lvl 52, HP 44000, Exp 1400, Weak to Wind)

Level 54 – 57
Area: New Moon Palace Innermost

Monster: Mauez (lvl 55, HP 86000, Exp 1290, Weak to Wind)

Level 57 – 58
Area: Scaro Town

Monster: Ganglef (lvl 57, Normal, HP 107800, Exp 1150, Weak to fire)

Level 58 – 59
Area: Saham Crater

Monster: Demon’s Gate (Lvl 60, Normal, HP 180000, 1440 Exp, Weak to Light)

Level 59 – 63
Area: Saham Underground

Monster: Boss Roga (Lvl 62, HP 250000, Exp 3000)

(Alternative) Level 54 – 62
Area: Lost Town Square

Monster: Parasitized dog

Keep Parasitized Crystal when farming since it will give you 400k exp/stack in Lefina’s Quest.

Level 63 – 64
Area: Ancient Empress’ Tomb

Monster: Ancient Empress (Normal, Weak to dark)

Level 64 – 69
Area: Land Under Cultivation

Monster: Masked Warrior (Lvl 66, HP 276000, Exp 4300, Weak to water)

(Alternative) Level 62 – 67
Area: Gate of Another World, Area 1

Monster: Planet head

Level 69 – 71
Area: Lost Town in Magic Barrier

Monster: Pillar Golem (lvl 70, Normal, HP 324000, Exp 3600, Weak to fire)

(Alternative) Level 65 – 71
Area: Gravel Terrace

Monster: Mewte

Level 71 – 75
Area: Albatif Village

Monster: Grass Dragon Yelb (lvl 73, HP 439190, Exp 5040, Weak to fire)

(Alternative) Level 71 – 76
Area: Gate of Another World area 1 & 2

Monster: Space Wolf (mini boss)

Level 75 – 77
Area: Gate to Another World

Monster: Nurethoth (lvl 76, Normal, HP 500000, Exp 5360, Weak to light)

Level 77 – 81
Area: Gravel Terrace

Monster: Jade Raptor (lvl 79, Normal, HP 620000, Exp 8400, Weak to Earth)

Level 81 – 86
Area: Magic Waste Site

Monster: Scrader (lvl 82, Normal, HP 660000, Exp 7900, Weak to Light)
(Alternative) Level 77 – 89
Area: Spring of Rebirth lower

Monster: Corroded Fighter, Fenpin

Level 86 – 90
Area: Abyss of No Return

Monster: Black Knight of Delusion (lvl 88, Normal, HP 540000, Exp 6600, Weak to light)

lvl 90 – 94
Area: Lunagent Mountain

Monster: Evil Crystal Beast (lvl 91, Normal, HP 530000, Exp 6300, Weak to light)

Level 94 – 98
Area: Spring of Rebirth

Monster: Cerberus (Normal, lvl 97, HP 800000, Exp 9220, Weak to Wind)

(Alternative) Level 95 – 99
Area: Dark Manor, Area 2

Monster: Corroded Brawler

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