Her is Immortal Legend: Idle RPG Redeem Codes

Gameplay is practically nonexistent for this idle RPG. Unlike other idle games that still require some form of player interaction, Immortal Legend: Idle RPG can go on without the player ever touching their phone. This may be appeal to gamers looking for little-to-no interaction. For gamers looking to get invested, however, Immortal Legend does not make it easy to stay interested in its gameplay. The game automatically sends your character into constant combat. The only times it stops are when players enter the different game menus. The game does not explain what is happening most of the time. Instead, it throws a slew of EXP numbers at the player that flash by so quickly they are nearly impossible to read.

Immortal Legend: Idle RPG is a game where you play idly, allowing you to collect equipment and resources easily when AFK and offline, working your way towards collecting all the rewards from the Treasury. There are over 40 classes available to play as, each one teeming with hundreds of skill combinations. You’re able to mix and match a variety of equipment, including unique perks and random stats, to help you complete quests and beat the game.

There are tons of amazing rewards waiting for you, but you won’t miss any of them, because this codes list is always updated

Valid Codes
There are tons of amazing rewards waiting for you, but you won’t miss any of them, because this codes list is always updated

PA4RLX0H – Valid until 02/26/21 – Redeem this gift code and receive amazing rewards
idle888 – Valid until Unknown – Redeem this gift code and receive amazing rewards

Immortal Legend Redeem Codes
Here we’ll cover all the working codes. If we missed one, make sure you leave a comment down below and we’ll update the list!

ELOPEN7 (Rewards are: 1.3k Diamonds, 20 Life Stargem, lvl 4 ATK Gem, ATK Fruit T3, 1.3k Bless Stargem)
GPLops8 (Rewards are: 1.5k Diamonds, Dodge Fruit T3, 2x Demon Scrolls, 10x Evolution Stargems, 1 Million Coins)

The graphics and character designs are reminiscent of early 2000s RPGs and can be fun to watch before the repetitiveness sets in. Environments are also beautifully rendered and make the game a confusing spectacle to watch. But good graphics are not enough to save this game from its lack of engagement. Immortal Legend: Idle RPG falls short where other idle RPGs successfully blend player interaction and idle gameplay.

Immortal: Reborn is the latest in LTgames’ portfolio, and it looks to be continuing the publisher’s habit of putting out fun retro-inspired titles onto mobile platforms.

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