Introduction of NBA 2K18

Basketball is a thrilling and quick game and healthy for your body and reflexes since one can take control over the movements, reflexes and aim to make every second of the game count. The sport has attracted fans from all over the world, almost all eyes are on the pitch every time a great game. But it’s not all about basketball, and like all the other sports, basketball has its own video game series – the NBA 2K video game series.

NBA 2K 18

Starting out with the first release of the series, NBA 2K came out somewhere between October and November of 1999, featuring Allen Iverson on the cover.The game was published by Sega and based on visual concept, and  necame one of the best games in that year.
The second game, NBA 2K1, had similar features since it was released by the same publisher and developer, showing a few changes that built the video game series’ prestige. After this, the NBA 2K2 remained the same and didn’t show many changes.

The first three games of the series, characterized by a fictional announcer,But once the series begins to release video games on Xbox and PS2,  It had to give up the game (pun intended). This gave rise to the NBA 2K3, released in October 2002. The one major change to be noted in this game and one of the biggest pivotal points for the series was that it featured real commentary by Bill Walton, Kevin Frazier, Bob Fitzgerald and Michele Tofaya.

This change gave the game a realistic feel and made playing it all the more fun for gamers and fans of basketball. In the game, gamers can not only hear the famous and recognizable audio, but also see the professional commentator explain what happen in the game.

This subheading may sound ambiguous since these were in no way the last years of Sega,But we are referring to recent years, Senegal work published in NBA. The installment in October 2003 was called ESPN NBA Basketball and For any reason, the series does not follow the common name pattern

Released in September 2004,  the ESPNNBA 2K5 was the last game for Sega published series. The game featured Ben Wallace, rather than the usual Allen Iverson.

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