You can know more about the Black Desert

In a new video interview with Daum’s CM_Jouska and Rick Van Beem, Pvt Wiggles manages to get a number of answers about matters that the community sees as pressing. bdo dc Some of the more general points mentioned are that the game has garnered much more interest than Daum expected and that they believe the cash shop is “fine as-is,” as it allows them to release all content updates for free. The region lock is part of their contract with Black Desert and will not be changed.

Dann man, wie die Mitarbeiter bei Daum Games den Launch empfunden hatten und die Antwort gleicht dem, was wohl bei allen MMORPGs der letzten Jahre der Fall war. Die Server hielten dem gigantischen Ansturm nicht stand und sogar einige DDoS-Attacken soll es gegeben haben, die den Shop der Seite kurzzeitig lahmlegten. Um dem großen Erfolg Rechnung zu tragen und auch gegen solche Angriffe besser gefeit zu sein, wird man das Team ab dem kommenden Montag  aufstocken.

The video is archived from a livestream and runs for about an hour, so if you were hoping for a quick handful of answers with no audio issues whatsoever, we’re sorry to disappoint. The interview does cover a lot of ground just the same, and while there’s no ETA for several features players are waiting for (post-launch classes available in Korea, guild vs. guild, bounty hunting), the interview makes it clear that issues affecting players are being addressed and looked into. That includes the ghillie suit, which is being examined closely and will have its countermeasure from the Korean client brought over as quickly as possible.

(Rick) Not really as it was planned, there was quite an extensive pre-order period were we made good sales but then when launch was approaching I don’t exactly know what happened but it just went viral everywhere and people were buying the game en masse and that basically DDoSd our site at launch. Also of course we had some issues with the early access items and people not being able to redeem them but in the end we were happy that at least the servers were up and running when we launched.

We know that we have been waiting BDO NA/EU launch for a long time, since KR version goes live in 2013, followed by JP/RU in 2014 and 2015, then we have the closed beta last December, being the latest of all regions to release the game, means there is plenty of time to refine localization, but the outcome is quite a dissatisfaction. Community Q&A sessions are pretty popular these days, but usually they involve developers selecting questions and parceling the answers out accordingly.

This Black Desert interview turns that format on its ear. The questions still come from the community, but fan Pvt Wiggles consolidated the questions and then posed them to Rick Van Beem (head of marketing) and CM_Jouska (community manager) directly. I’ve been playing MMOs since back in the day when my only option was to play Clan Lord on the family Mac. Since then, black desert daum cash I’ve played too many MMOs to count. I generally play niche.

Sometimes even bizarre, MMOs and I’ve probably logged the most hours in Linkrealms prior to its current iteration. Currently bouncing between a few games. In terms of game content, the Mediah update will be releasing “very soon,” although an estimated date was not given. The classes that have yet to be released still do not have release dates and they may release in a different order than they did in other regions. Daum is aware that releasing Awakenings one-by-one could cause balance issues, but has no counter-measure currently.