The NBA 2K17 make the skill level rise

Basketball games behave in a similar way, and it is no more evident than in NBA 2K17. While the improvements 2K Sports made on-court narrows the gap between video game and real-life, the additions they elsewhere makes you acutely aware that NBA 2K17 is still not a perfect basketball simulation game. nba 2k17 mt This is how the Warriors have played the last few weeks. They were sloppy (they turned the ball over on 21 percent of their possessions), their defense wasn’t sharp, they played to the level of their opponent, and got bailed out by Stephen Curry and his ridiculous shooting skills.

This has been the trend lately, the Warriors are not playing as well as they had earlier this season, it’s just being masked by Curry. Which happens over the course of a season — team’s stumble and when you have the world’s best player he gets you wins when other teams would suffer a loss. The creation in 2K17 is very solid in my opinion, however the one major flaw in it, is that you can’t create jerseys, courts, and logos for offline gameplay to use in a custom league or just for random exhibition games against the cpu. Some people like to make custom teams full of created players or random nba 2k17 coins NBA players and take them against the NBA.

The customization could really prosper in an offline setting! Imagine all the teams people make in the game but can’t really bring them to life because there’s no create a team in next gen versions, nor create a jersey/court/logo for offline. If you play the PS3/360 versions, you’re restricted to the same 26 generic logos. Putting a height cap on a players abilities is far from realistic. Willie Cauley-Stein is 7’1″ 240lbs and his speed is in the 80’s. Its not right that online players complain and changes are made to suit them when those changes are not realistic.

Nowitzki has one of the best all around jump shots and he is over 7 foot as well. Look at player like KG and Chris Bosh when they entered the league. They were exceptional athletic and fast. look at Lebron 6’8″ 250lbs and one of the fastest players on the court. Carrying over from last year’s NBA 2K17, 2K Sports have made significant improvements to make the game look more life-like. Having three years of the current console generation under their belt, the California-based team have again stepped it up visually.

Then make a mode for those who want realism. Make the skill level rise and fall game by game, make it harder for certain players to come up. Make a career that last 3 years for guys that just cant cut it. Make some of us undrafted and play in the D-league or in Europe first. Some of us end up as 6th men, or role players, journeymen, and average starters, and some of us be stars. Make it to where we dont play 48 minutes per game and can actually get injured and miss games.

Gone are the canned “emotional” looks on the players’ faces when they are flying through the air for a dunk, that immediately disappear as soon as the ball goes through the hoop; instead, the facial looks change more organically according to the situation and feel less like an animation triggered by an event. Full body scans introduced this year allow the digital counterparts of NBA players to not only capture their body frame.