Fantasy MMORPG Cabal Online has officially launched on Steam

Fantasy MMORPG Cabal Online has officially launched on Steam. Cabal Online originally launched in Korea in 2005, and graced Western shores in February, 2008. It’s the most recent older title to make its way to the Steam store alongside game such as Lucent Heart, Knight Online, and Granado Espada. Whether or not offering Cabal Online on the Steam platform bolsters its numbers is anyone’s guess.

Cabal Online is known for its PvP gameplay. At level 52 players are given the option of joining one of two factions and participate in daily PvP events. While Cabal Online is an older game, it is a classic MMORPG with a core audience. However, it is not an easy game for newcomers. But perhaps you’ll find something to enjoy in Cabal Online, or at least find satisfaction in participating in a game that’s part of the genre’s history. If you are in need of Cheap Cabal Online (SEA) Alz, come to, where you can enjoy the cheapest price online and 3% off with a coupon code “Z2U”.

“We’re extremely proud of the evolution of CABAL Online and to introduce the CABAL experience to a new group of gamers in cooperation with Valve,” said Torin J. Ratowski, management unit chief, ESTsoft, Inc. “The move to Steam brings a great opportunity to expand the CABAL community, which has become a global force, and offers us a new set of valuable opinions and feedback for further development of the CABAL experience. This is vital for any continuously evolving game.”

To celebrate the game’s launch on steam, the developers are holding launch events between now and March 22. Full details on how to participate are available on the Steam page, but you will need to start by visiting Event Girl Yul in Green Dispare to find the target level for your range. To enhance your adventure and compliment your gameplay, you can buy World of Warcraft Items (RU) from the reputable sellers in a safe secure environment and at cheap rates.

The Steam community invites all players to take part at the Launch Event where they can win prizes from level 1 to level 200. This welcome event will end on March 22nd. Coincidence or not, Cabal Online launches a new server called Atlas. Important note for those planning to try out CABAL via Steam: Atlas will be the only server accessible from the Steam version of CABAL Online. Meanwhile, Cabal Online is experiencing some connection issues on the European servers. The problem was reported by ESTsoft on Tuesday,February 16th. The dev team are working hard in order to restore Cabal Online to its normal, stable state. Dev plans to reward the understanding and patience shown by players with special gifts, which will be distributed on all four servers. The launch of Cabal Online on Steam looks like a back up for the Old Continent.