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Heavy Gunners are One of Highest Damage Dealing Maplestory 2 Class Currently

Customize your hero, embark on epic quests, build your dream world, and explore a brand new dimension of the MapleStory universe alongside a passionate community of fellow Maplers. You’ll find colorful 3D landscapes to explore, loads of new and familiar enemies to vanquish, and tons of exciting bosses to battle. A new developer video for MapleStory 2 was recently uploaded, with the development team touching on the game bosses.

Maplestory 2 Heavy Gunner

Recently, a new CG trailer was revealed, teasing the impending arrival of a new boss monster led by antagonist, Bella. According to rumors, 2 classes based on Dawn Knight and Thunder Breaker are in the works. You need a minimum of 2100 Gear Score to enter this dungeon. The ideal composition for this dungeon is 1 Priest and 3 DPS classes.


This Maplestory 2 Heavy Gunner Build Guide will teach you how to steamroll content like never before. This first update also made is so that Field Bosses and Dungeon Bosses are now more likely to drop equipment items for your job. Speaking of which, there are new five new Field Bosses to find. Unlike in the first game, where everything was self-grind and no interaction with other people whatsoever, beside asking your friend to carry you once in a while for the end game gear and through that play the game solely alone. After the boss has died, you can also repeatedly attack the corpse until the body disappears, allowing you to get some extra Mesos and sometimes some elixirs.


After the item has been dropped though, the item disappears quickly after so be careful not to drop it when the top player is too far away. Anyone hit by this attack will be knocked up into the air and take a decent chunk of damage. There’s not much to say about this attack other than to just dodge it by dashing to a side or behind him.


There are also new Elite Monsters:


Zombie Mushmom (Lv. 32)

Stumpy (Lv. 34)

King Slime (Lv. 35)

Mano (Lv. 37)

Wind Shaman Lapeng (Lv. 38)

Urpanda (Lv. 40)

Summon Shaman Latoon (Lv. 40)


It seems the destrutible environment, in this case trees. will block players’ path and trap them in unfavourable positions. Players can design everything from outfits and gear to dream homes and beyond. Crit builds work well too but having bad luck can cost you a lot, especially in Hard Dungeons where max respawn is only 5 times. The final big addition that arrived with this update is an entire new area known as the Clocktower Plaza. Its nearby areas have also been opened up so you can travel around a little bit more.


In Maplestory 2, there’s no Scrolling system or at least it doesn’t have the same enchantment system like in GMS. If you are you looking for more about MapleStory 2 Mesos check out our website. You repeat this process several times and you will be awarded with 5 tokens that you can use to spin for vouchers and items in Queenstown. The fire breath animation starts with Pyrros making a small circle animation with his head while giving off a high pitched sound, before shooting fire in a cone in a direction.