Psyonix Adjusts Rocket League Item Pricing After Backlash Against New System

Rocket League ditched its paid crate system in favor of Blueprints recently, touting a higher transparency that will show customers exactly what they’re getting. Unfortunately, the change has not been received well by the game’s community–as it turns out, many prices were massively inflated in the new update, making it much harder to get your hands on loot in the game (which is not free-to-play.)

In light of this, developer Psyonix has changed the pricing in the item shop, drastically lowering the cost of the objects you can build from Blueprints. Furthermore, customers who have already spent money on Blueprints have been issued a partial refund equal to the price difference between what they paid and what the items cost now. In addition, our site has a large quantity of safe Rocket League Items For Sale.

Now, according to Psyonix, Rocket League’s new Blueprint Update does away with the Crate system entirely, instead opting for a new Item Shop. In the shop, Crates will be replaced by Blueprints, which reveal what the included item actually is rather than obscuring it until after purchase. Players will be able to buy Blueprints with Credits, a currency purchased with real money, and will go for a rate of anywhere from $1 for 100 Credits to $1 for 130 depending on the size of the bundle. The keys players already had in their inventories have been converted at this rate. Now, if Rocket League players want a specific item, they won’t have to hope for the luck of the draw but can instead purchase it directly with Credits.

The update has only been live for a few hours, so of course, we can’t reasonably expect an immediate response from Psyonix. But the question is, will they respond at all? With hundreds of comments and dozens of threads on Reddit, along with complaints from large community icons and professional Rocket League players on Twitter, how long can Psyonix stay quiet on the matter? And if they do respond, how likely is it that anything will change?