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Rise of Civilizations is a massive strategy mobile game from Lilith Games

Ruling a kingdom is not just about using your power in everything everywhere. As a well-intentioned leader, you must also know how to use what you bring after the war to the development of the country and the people’s life. That is also the reason for the existence of Julius Caesar’s to-do list, and that is the basic task in Rise of Civilizations, a massive online strategy mobile game from Lilith Games.

You will start with choosing between 8 civilizations: Germany, China, England, Spain, France, Thailand, Rome and Japan. As soon as you choose, you will get your own construction area. Everything will be built around your main home. Upgrading this powerful house will facilitate the upgrading of other buildings, thereby indirectly raising the level and power of your kingdom to new levels.

The other buildings here, including the default ones must have: Field, barracks, barracks, resource store, … The upgrade will certainly cost you a little time, maybe is from a few seconds to several hours, so you will want to quickly complete daily tasks and targets to earn speeding cards – which will reduce the time to build the building. In addition, if you are in need of Cheap ROK RSS, you can visit our website

Rise of Cilivizations has a fairly open plot, so that fluency and coherence are often interrupted, and cause a bit of excitement. Therefore, the emergence of many daily tasks is what solves these problems for us. They respond to both: increasing the fun of the game (giving us the opportunity to do what we haven’t done) and maintaining resources. Besides, you can also relax with adventure trips, but it will be a bit time consuming if your troops are not enough.

To say that Rise of Civilizations is rather discontinuous in terms of content seems to be baseless. Everything about this game, the interesting or subtle nuances in every detail, it seems that you will have to be a self-discovery. Wrapping too many things into the game has somewhat reduced the simplicity. It is easy to find broken buildings, and the items and accessories in the game are very small and unrelated. However, this is always inevitable, and do not worry because it really does not affect too much to the game experience. Hope you will have moments of fun and entertainment with Rise of Civilizations.